Back to School

October 13, 2020

WHEN: October 13, 2020
QIC: Nightshift
PAX: Walnuts, Poser, Mueller, Newt, Funyon, Good Morning America
LOCATION: The Vortex
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I used to like to work from home before COVID. It saved me commute time and there were no distractions. Now, there’s nothing BUT distractions! I don’t know about any “new normal,” but I do know we need to get these kids back in school ASAP! Since there’s no timeline for that, we went back to school this AM.

Warm Up
SSH, mountain climbers, Merkins, squats

ME – Billy Madison
Billy’s dad made him repeat every year of school. 12 reps of the first exercise represents first grade. Each grade is followed by a 100yd run. 2nd grade is 12 new reps plus the first 12 reps. And so on….
1. Dry docks
2. Merkins
3. Mountain climbers
4. Squats
5. Alt lunges
6. Monkey Humpers
7. Overhead press
8. Alt shoulder touches
9. Plank Jacks
10. WW2s
11. Seal Jacks
12. 6 CT Burpees

Break Dancer, Box Cutters, Flutter, Superman