Age Challenge

  • When: 07/19/19
  • QIC: Zook
  • The PAX: RG3, Cricket, Brotox, Boyardee, Marky Mark, Jinx, HAL, Turf Builder, PaperJam, Petri, Zook

Not sure why, but at 2ndF last night Gomer though this was actually me and not my namesake. Well he is officially off my Christmas card list but on to the workout


  • Arm Circles IC x 10
  • Reverse Arm Circles IC x 10
  • Frankensteins IC x10
  • Willie Mayes Hayes IC x10
  • SSH IC x10
  • In Plank position, PAX gets honor of listening to a song of my youth. Every time you hear “What” you do a merkin. (Brotox counted it and its 96…3 sets of 32)


  • So with the “Age Challenge” being all the rage right now on social media I figured we could do some kind of modifcation on that. Basically each PAX picks an excercise, we do as many reps as the PAX age. After complete we mosey one block on the neighborhood. (was hoping to do a neighborhood tour with this but the PAX kept us close)
  • Zook – SSH
  • RG3 – Squats
  • Cricket – LBCs
  • Brotox – Mountain Climbers
  • Boyardee – Merkins
  • Marky Mark – crab walk
  • Jinx – Jump Squats
  • HAL – American hammers
  • Turf Builder – 1/3 of a burpee (smart)
  • PaperJam – Overhead claps, seal claps
  • Petri – Lung Walks
  • Zook – Fit4Moms
  • Mosey back to AO


  • Flutter Kicks for my namesakes age – 65 (my counting was a bit weird on this a 3 count??)


  • Big event coming in the fall for BC raising funds for a good cause. More details to come from Bunyan and Griswold


So I have had some in-laws int own this weekend visiting from Canada. A brother in-law about my age and his 3 kids. He works at google, works at home, and does similar stuff as myself. At one point he started asking me if I ever feel isolated. So of course I then go into this whole spiel about F3. Honestly guys, this group is my community. Its how I get almost all of my fellowship and something I think a lot of folks are missing out on. Thank you all for contributing to that and just know every time you come out you are helping a fellow PAX whether you know it or not. Until next time. Aye!

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