March 5, 2020

WHEN: 03/05/2020
QIC: My Little Pony
PAX: Palmolive, Bogey, Homegrown Berry, Vagabond (FNG), Nacho Libre, Uzi, Dean Wormer, Barksdale, Green Acres
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Thanks a great suggestion by Paradise Co-Q, Green Acres, YHC found himself making is maiden voyage to Paradise this morning. Long trip, but a great group made it worthwhile. GA even had the horrendous My Little Pony soundtrack blasting for EC weights when YHC arrived. What a welcome!

Looking to maintain the high bar that Nacho set when he Q’d Rameses a couple of weeks back, YHC dusty off a memorable Q that few PAX got to experience from OCL (R.I.P.) Only Uzi and YHC knew the level of simple exhaustion and muscle fatigue in store.


SSH x 20

IW x 10

HB x 10

WMH x 10

LBAC x 10

RLBAC x 10

Slow Squat x 10

Then the ME began with

5 Burpees OYO

We mosey’d to the top portion of the parking lot and YHC explained the plan for today. We’d be working our way up to 20 using the following formula:

Forward travel 3 parking spaces, perform 5 reps of exercise, reverse travel 3 spots back to start

FT 6 spaces, 10 reps, RT back 6 spaces

FT 9 spaces, 15 reps, RT back 9 spaces

FT 12 spaces, 20 reps, RT back 12 spaces

Plank it out or go back to pick-up the six.

The first 3 rounds went like this:

Bear Crawl to merkins, crawl bear back

(10 burpees OYO before round 2)

Lunge walk to jump squats, walk lunge back

(15 burpees OYO before round 3)

Crab walk to hello dollies, walk crab back

(20 burpees OYO before round 4)

For the final round, YHC called for modification of going intervals of 1 spot (so 1,2,3,4) instead of 3 spots for an absolute soul crusher:

Traveling merkins out (right hand leads), Peter Parkers, Traveling merkins back (left hand leads)

This whole workout was a grinder, but all PAX owned it. Some good-natured mumblechatter, but then everyone got after it and our FNG definitely earned his nickname.

1 minute left for Mary – so we knocked out 10 J-Lo’s IC to finish

COT – no announcements or prayer requests

Big Welcome to Vagabond (AKA Hutch) brought out by Dean Wormer. Great guy with an incredible story, who may be posting all over F3 nation soon. Hope to see you back in Churham before too long!