12 Year Anniversary Celebration

October 6, 2021

WHEN: October 4, 2021
QIC: Nickelback
PAX: Roy.G.Biv, Denali, Buffay, Halfback, Dinghy
LOCATION: Hillsborough
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YHC signed up to Q with extra gusto. Today’s theme would be easy as I just celebrated 12 years of marriage and wanted to share the memories with the Pax. The M was slightly concerned of this plan but I assured her we would just be sharing appropriate details and with that here was the magic of combining personal with exercise F3 style.


  • Johnny Dramas: 12 IC
  • Squats: 12
  • SSH: 12
  • WMH: 12

The Thang/Mary

YHC announced that we would be honoring the location that YHC celebrated each ear of marriage and here were the 12 stations to celebrate the last dozen years of marriage!

  • Year 1 San Francisco: easy, we ran up and down the biggest baddest hill 12 times, boom the heart rate shot right up!
  • Year 2 Dublin, Ireland: not so easy I thought of conor McGregor and his short lived but glorious boxing career so we did a modified Boxer Crunch 12 x
  • Year 3 South Africa: this brought back memories of my own short-lived sporting career in rugby so we did some Scrum Jumps 12x
  • Year 4 Durham: The M was 1 week overdue with our first 2.0 so we did Rock a bye babies with rocks on the wall 12x
  • Year 5 Charlottesville: The M and I celebrated with our first post baby trip and we headed to the wine country of Virginia thus we did Catalina Wine Mixers 12 IC
  • Year 6 Philly: Trick question this anniversary the M and I went on separate trips (not a good sign on the outside but I assure you it was approved) where YHC went on a work trip to Philly on the Anniversary weekend and ended up having dinner with Hanson brothers so we listened to MM Bop while doing penalty burpees for 1.2 minutes
  • Year 7 Hillsborough: YHC moves to the Northern Province and the Pax did 6 laps of Duck and Weave around the tables and then 6 curls with the rocks in honor of the first two F3 sites in Hillsborough (Duck and Weave & The Rock)
  • Year 8 Pisgah: Naturally it made sense to do Mtn Climbers 12 IC
  • Year 9 Hillsborough: YHC went to the fanciest restaurant in town with the M to Panciuto a classy farm to table place so we did some dips at the tables 12 IC
  • Year 10 Hillsborough: this year was a fail no idea what we did so we suffered through 2 rounds of 12 squats, 12 merkins, and 12 pull-ups
  • Year 11 Cattle Farmers: we became cattle farmers in Hillsborough and so it made complete sense to “Cow Walk” from one end of the park concrete and back on our fingertips and tippy toes
  • Year 12 Greensboro/Elon University: YHC took the M to Greensboro for a weekend away and then she agreed to attend Halfback’s Directing debut at Elon University so we all honored her love by spelling out A-M-Y for the final core workout for an Alphabet inspired Mary.


I love my wife and F3, let’s go for another 12+ years!

Prayers for us all to be the men we were created to be.