12 Days of Grunge-Mas, Pt. Deux

December 21, 2018

WHEN: December 21, 2018
QIC: Grunge
PAX: Malware, Green Acres, Stop Drop & Roll, Griswold, Chum, Zook, Horny Toad, DOI (Respect!), Sir Mix a Lot, Goat Cheese (Respect!), Grunge
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2018 has been a decent year for YHC. So far, I have:

  • 50+ Qs, including every AO in Churham (37), 3 non-Churham, 1 FiA, a Werewolf, HVRC workouts, pop up rucks, EC’s, etc.
  • Posted at many non-Churham AOs in NC and the Southeast
  • Q’d 4 2ndFs, 1 3rdF, and 1 CSAUP
  • Completed 13 CSAUPs, including 3 Ultras, 1 Marathon, 3 GoRuck Toughs, shadowed the 911 NYC Heavy for the full 24+ hours, completed Pathfinder Endure 2x + completed every challenge, and 3 regional CSAUPs (Gambler, Bull, Odyssey). 
  • Logged 499 workouts
  • Ran/rucked over 2100 miles and climbed over 160,000 feet.

Not bad for a 49 year old weekend warrior. More important than all of the above, I have had the privilege of meeting and spending time with a ton of great guys throughout Churham and F3 Nation, and strengthened the bond of friendship with many F3 brothers. Hopefully, done some good along the way. 

And as this year comes to a close, I am filled with gratitude. Thankful for the love, health and support of my family and loved ones, for my health and faith, for my friends, the community… for this great Nation. I am thankful for all the great experiences, memories, and good times along the way.  And I am thankful for today. I am thankful ‘coz today I am finally done with the Global Post Challenge.

The Mustang, #37 of 37, the final AO on my Q list for 2018.

It is finished.


Saw on Slack last night that brother Griswold requested two things for YHC’s Q this morning: (1) an EC ruck, and (2) some quality time in the mud and slop. I have truly appreciated all the support I have received from Griswold this year, and as such, I was more than happy to oblige his requests.

Was also very excited to see that several Global Post Challenge finishers were planning to post, so needed to make sure I came prepared with something worthwhile.

Weatherheads called for a nice break in the rain for our workout. Yeah, well, like stock market prognosticators, weather forecasters are all basically full of sh*t. 

0445. Met Green Acres, Griswold, and Malware at the AO for an EC ruck. Great fellowship! So much so that I lost track of time and realized as we were heading back that we needed to double time up Great Ridge to make it back to the AO in time.

0530. Met up with 7 more PAX back at the AO (it was actually 8, but one PAX was suddenly smitten last minute by the wrath of Montezuma. Hope you are doing better, brother!). 11 strong. Time for some Christmas cheer.


  • Good Mornings, x10 IC
  • Sun Gods, F, x10 IC
  • Sun Gods, R, x10 SC
  • Prisoner Squat Kicks, x10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers, x10 IC
  • Panthers (Merkin, 2 shoulder taps, Merkin, 2 knee taps, Merkin, 2 ankle taps = 1 rep), x5 OYO 
  • Jump Ins (Plank to wide groiner, Plank to narrow groiner = 1 rep), x10 IC
  • SSH, x10 IC


Off to the block pile! Everyone grab a cinderblock and circle up on the yard.

Last week, I led cardio version of the 12 Days of Grunge-Mas @ TBL. Today, we will be doing the strength training version. We all know the rules. Start with the first day, then next round, we do second day + first day, then next round we do third day, then second day, then first day…yada yada, keep stacking until we end with twelve full days of glory. 

  • On the 1st Day of Christmas: 30 Count Cinderblock Overhead Hold (We went around the circle so each PAX did a 30 count at their desired pace)(11 Total)
  • On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Cinderblock Thrusters, x10 SC (100 Total) 
  • On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Cinderblock Curls, x10 SC (90 Total)
  • On the 4th Day of Christmas: Squats with Cinderblock Overhead Hold, x10 SC (80 Total)
  • On the 5th Day of Christmas: Block-pees! x10 SC (70 Total)
  • On the 6th Day of Christmas: WWIIs with Cinderblock Chest Hold, x10 SC (60 Total)
  • On the 7th Day of Christmas: Cinderblock Bent Rows, x10 SC (50 Total)
  • On the 8th Day of Christmas: Sumo Cinderblock Lift, x10 SC (40 Total)
  • On the 9th Day of Christmas: Flutter Kicks with Cinderblock Overhead Hold, x10 SC (30 Total)
  • On the 10th Day of Christmas: Overhead Cinderblock Press, x10 SC (20 Total)
  • On the 11th Day of Christmas: Cinderblock Front Shoulder Raise, x10 SC (10 Total)

Ran out of time and PAX, so had to cut the workout short by a day. Respectfully replaced the blocks and ran back to AO. 

Circle up for Mary

  • Ring of Fire, 3 Merkins per PAX

0615. Well done, brothers! What an awesome group. Lots of block work and lots of mud and slop. (Griswold was grinning from ear to ear).



  • Horny Toad:  Special early launch for The Rabbit this Tue (Christmas Day). 0500. 
  • Chum: The Wolf, 1/5/19. 0700, Meet up/Launch from Duck & Weave.
  • Griswold: The Angry Beaver, 1/12/19, 1800. 
  • Grunge: Congrats to all the 2018 Global Post Challenge finishers: Malware, Stop Drop & Roll, Sir Mix a Lot, DOI, Moore, and YHC. Strong work, men! You all are now officially inducted into the F3 Churham Hardcore fraternity. Awards: The Hate Award – Malware, Stop Drop & Roll. The Respect Award – DOI. The Far & Wide Award – Sir Mix a Lot. The CSAUP Award – Moore. These are not “participation’ awards. These are 100 % legit and earned based on achievements and badassery. Way to go, fellas. The Global Post Challenge resets Jan 1 for 2019.    



YHC shared a few words on the importance of goal setting and positive visualization. I am a firm believer in these. Mediate and write down your goals. Visualize yourself achieving them. Go forth and crush your goals. Encourage and support your brothers to achieve their goals. We are all in this together. All for one, and one for all. Enjoy the holidays, the rest of this year, and make 2019 your best year ever.

It is an honor and a privilege to stand amongst you all. Until next time, aye!