08/16/2022 The Piranha – F3versary tour SODU

August 16, 2022

WHEN: 08/16/2022
QIC: CherryBaked
PAX: Count, Max, Youngman, Cosmo, Houdini, Rocket Ralph, loonie, Knope, Pikachu, Bellhop, Thirstay, Weed’n Feed, Polino, Cardiac, mlp, Hutz, Swamp, Castaway, and Kia

The first day of the final triple play started for me today in Churham's friendliest AO, the Piranha.

Inch wormer followed by Shoulder taps and alternate JLO
5 Burpee OYO
Mosey to the rock pile to pick for the coupons while loonie and Pikachu stayed for the IR workout at the startex.
To warm up our entire body for the beatdown, we managed to complete 10 Grave diggers on each side, and then we quickly jumped into our main exercise.
Pax partnered up in pairs to crush it, baby!!!
100 Curls
100 Overhead press
100 goblet squat
100 swing
One pax in each team starts with the reps while the other pax do five reps of 4X4s (Burpee to Plank hold for four counts, then four mountain climbers and back to up).
It took us solid 20 minutes to complete this part, and our final push was 10 minutes of EMOM (3 Burpees, six merkins, and 12 Squat Jump)
we took our time to return the coupons and get back to Startex for the final part.
25 LBC IC and 25 Flutter Kicks IC made us stronger than yesterday.

Wow, I can't believe it's been a year! One of the best things that happened to me in my entire life, I can't describe it with any words. All I can do is thank each of you for your generous and excellent support. You all are amazing. Aye

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