08/05/2022 Duck and Weave – Get Back up Again

August 6, 2022

WHEN: 08/05/2022
QIC: Boucher
PAX: Bedpan, Denali, Elf, Halfback, Mueller, Nubbin, Oatmeal, Spud, Roy.G.Biv

YHC answered AOQ, Elf's, call for Qs a few weeks back and jumped on the earliest open spot…Still recovering from a family trip to the Great Northwest which included the 3 hour time change and some great mountain trail running and some injuries from said trail running…ironically the injuries on my hands, due to tripping over roots and rocks and the instinctual catching myself…so no burpees or merkins…still gonna get a sweat in!

As YHC approached the parking deck, there was a glistening blur – Elf returning from a solo 5(ish)-K. A quick hug, grab the kettle bell and a quick intro to the PAX.

SSH IC x 20
IW IC x 10
HB IC x 10
Air Squat x 20
WMH IC x 10
Bat Wing – Arm Circles, big/small, backwards/forwards, Michael Phelps, Pickin' Cherries, Moroccan Night Club, Chinook clockwise/Counter clockwise (with a little help from the PAX!)

The Thang
Split up into 5 groups of two and Mosey to the bottom of the parking deck :

YHC wanted to get through 4 rounds of the following, but we only got through 3. The groups of two were intended to encourage deeper fellowship – which I really appreciated getting to know Spud Better!

25 KB Swings (partner would do a static hold – low squat hold, plank, etc.) and then switch spots (this would be the timer)
Run to top top of the parking deck, then take the stairs down
Johnny Dramas
Homer to Marge

LBC IC x 25
Flutter Kicks IC x 25
Heels to Heaven IC x 25

Continued prayers to SPAM and his 2.0 Bef for continued recovery.

Continued prayers to Buffay, his M and her Dad (and their entire family) through the donation of her Kidney! Inspiring Stuff!

Prayers to the Nubbin and the participants in the Uncle Possum Triathlon – Great Event! https://www.hillsboroughnc.gov/community/reservations/shelter-reservation/10899/

Always and honor to lead!


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