Who Moved the Stairs?

  • When: 11/29/17
  • QIC: Coco
  • The PAX: Marky Mark, Boyardee, Goat Cheese, Mr. Woodcock, GTL Grunge, Mothman, Closer, Chum, IC..E, Coco, Stinky Pete, John Boy, Duplo, Golden Pinky (FNG) , RG3, Topper

6 PAX Murph’d it out for a dose of EC at the #TheThicket AO. YHC loved the unique approach to knocking out the pullups/merkin/squat reps by breaking them down into reps of 1/2/4; 2/4/6, 3/6/8, 4/8/12 (if I was paying attention correctly?).  The Murph continues to be a PAX favorite for it’s challenge, simplicity (in execution) and more importantly – the honor it pays to Lt. Mike Murphy.

YHC rolled over to #TheBigHouse to find 15 other PAX milling around a ready to rock. After we quickly circled up to get the warm up rolling… we were welcomed by Duplo’s emergence from the crisp gloom. 17 PAX in all.
We added 5 burpees (OYO) for Duplo’s tardiness (kidding brother – we were totally going to do them anyway!)

Boyardee & Marky Mark made sure to remind YHC that there were no stairs anywhere close to the AO.  While there were regrettably no plans for any stairs today… the PAX should expect them to come into play in the near future (!!)

The Warm Up
SSH (x20)
Burpees (x5 OYO) – for Duplo
BWS (x10)
Burpees (x5 OYO)
SSH (x20)
WMH (x10)
Burpees (x5 OYO)
SSH (x20)

The Thang
The PAX took a short mosey to the other side of the parking lot for a mini-burpee/merkin/squat ladder.
4 light posts lay out in front of us.
1st post: 2 burpees/2 merkins/2 BWS – crawl bear to the next post (thanks MM!)
2nd post: 4 burpees/4 merkins/4 BWS – crawl bear to the next post
3rd post: 6 burpees/6 merkins/6 BWS – crawl bear to the final post
4th post: 8 burpees/8 merkins/8 BWS – plank it out while all PAX finish.

While circled up and preparing to move out – we honored each of the PAX in attendance with a burpee.
17 burpees OYO. Now it’s time to roll on to the Briar Commons Park.

Upon arrival: 5 burpees (for Grunge) and then pair up for Dora.
Each team was tasked to complete the following: 100 burpees/200 merkins/300 squats.
The PAX who is not completing the exercise runs a loop around Briar Commons  (.15 miles)

After completing 100 burpees & 200 merkins… we were getting short on time.  PAX dropped the run loop and checked off as many BWS as possible (OYO).
Once all PAX were accounted for – we headed back up the hill to the launch point for Mary.

Heels to Heaven (x20 IC)
American Hammers (x10 IC)
Flutters (x20 IC)
Burpees (x17 OYO) – We started this way…so we had to finish off the same way!

Upcoming 3rdF opportunity this weekend: Painting a wall (not #TheWall) to support the Pollard PTA
Continued to prayers for LP on his recovery from his recent procedure.
BC Annual End-of-Year Awards ceremony coming up: Briar Chapel Clubhouse
Churham-wide Holiday Party at The Strowd: Friday, Dec. 15th, 6pm-2am

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