To the MOON and back

July 20, 2021

WHEN: July 20, 2021
QIC: Cardiac
PAX: Cosmo, Weed-n-feed, Bellhop, AwesomeBaby, Jepeto, Hudini, Scapula, Looney, CountChacula, Kia, Palino, TransferPortal, Knope, MLP
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Warm Up:

Run in place with high knees, butt kickers,

17x SSH

5x warmup burpee

10x goodmornings

18x mountain climbers, 12 merkins, 16x plank jacks, 9x merkins

5x warmup burpees OYO, then mosey to the parking lot to get some moon rocks (cinder blocks)


The thang:  52 year anniversary of the landing on the moon.  One small step for man one giant leap for mankind.

The lower parking lot was the practice ground for rehearsing our trip to the moon, as well as taking our fake moon photos, you know because humans haven’t really landed on the moon its all just a big conspiracy theory.  We pickup our moon rocks (cinder blocks) and did some exercises in set of 24, 52 and 69 (24 because the moon is on average about 240,000miles from earth, 52 because it happened 52 years ago, and 69 because it happened in 1969). 24x curls, 24x goblet squats, 69x calf raises and some bear crawls (to practice our rover driving skills). To practice our moon landing we spelled out M.O.O.N (except I forgot the N until Cosmo reminded me that we were not paying homage to cows today).

M = 69 monkey humpers

O = 52 overhead press

O = 24 over and backs with one foot on the moon rock

N = 24 Nolan Ryans

10x burpees for blastoff into space, followed by a mosey to the MOON (aka baseball field) while attempting to hold your breath.

Once we arrived at the real moon we were surprised to find that a lunar rain shower had turned the rocky lunar surface into a mudpit.

M = 69 Merkins

O = 69 over and backs over a line

O = 24 one legged squats

N = 24 nose to ground burpees

Then return to the practice ground through the low gravity doing high skips. Followed by some more monkey humpers and overhead press.


Back at the start we did 24x one legged squats then for Mary we traveled to the moon and back again (aka Asheville abs circuit).

COT:  Thoughts for Polina who did something to his knee during the warmup (hopefully nothing serious).

New updates on Slack for the southdurham triple play options for second half of the summer.