tis’ fate that brought us here

December 10, 2019

WHEN: December 6, 2019
QIC: Frozen Peas
PAX: YHC, Blanche, Chowdah, Magellan, Soda Popinksi, Uncle Phil, Knope, Happy Trees, Green Egg, Low Tide, Shake It, The Body, Brain Freeze, Larry Legend
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YHC brought his new found maturity to the HB for the first time. I was quickly reminded that HB doesn’t really care about any of that. The air was crisp, the counting was subpar, and the mumble-chatter was ever present. I reminded everyone that the next day was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I wanted us to remember those mostly young kids (18-20), that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time on the USS Arizona. Likewise, we would let fate decide our workout.

Warmup: Seal Jacks, Harvesters, WMH’s, Arm Circles,  Slow Merkins, 5 Burpees OYO for those tardy

ME: Move/Pull Card from workout deck/Move, etc.

Off we went up to the top of the Chapel Hill deck. 1st exercise was Wojo squats. We then bear crawled across deck and were rewarded with some Freddie Mercury’s. Down the the steps we went, only stopping for some honorary Johnny Drama’s for those no longer able to attend. Once as the bottom, we gathered together for some Smurf Jacks. This was followed by a quick mosey down the alley for two sets of Bulgarian split squats. We enjoyed the Smurf Jacks so much YHC decided a second round was in order. A quick mosey down E Chapel Hill street allowed us to perform a Happy Trees counted round of Rosalita in front of the bull. North we went down the Foster Street hill to a short but very steep parking lot across from the YMCA. A Jacob’s Ladder was in order. Fate decided on merkins and alternating side squats from 1 to 10. Once completed, it was time to run back up Foster street to our humble beginnings.

Mary: Red light/Green light ( Plank/Mountain Climbers,  Superman ROF

COT: YHC reminded the PAX that although we are in great shape, we should listen to our bodies, and don’t ignore preventive health screening. YHC has seen to many our age with bad disease lately. There were unspoken prayer requests.