The Year Ends Not With a Bang but a Purr

December 31, 2018

WHEN: December 31, 2018
QIC: Bunyan
PAX: Toonces (FNG), Marky Mark, Boyardee, Iron Lung, Nitro, Mothman, Closer, Duplo, GTL, Bright Idea, RG3, Yanni, Dueling Banjos, Stick, Rebar, Rambler (in dapperly appropriate cat attire), Skynyrd, Nescafe, Bunyan
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What’s in the Bag?

1st life: (Warmup)

  • SSH x 20
  • Windmills x 10
  • Arm Circles x10
  • Reverse Arm Circles x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10

2nd Life: Herd of Cats. The Pax line up, single file. PAX on point has a Maglite (nee laser pointer.) Cat’s love them a laser pointer. Modified Indian Run to Margaret Pollard Commences. The Cat at the rear of the line runs to the front of the group, AROUND the group one circumference, then takes up position at the front of the line. Thus earning a chance to hold the laser pointer. Cats just run around some time for no clear reason.

3rd Life: Cats just love top jump. The Pax spilt into halves. First half executes Cat Jumps (Box Jumps) onto bench IC. x10 while the other half does elevated merkins on the curb. Rotate. 3 sets total.

4th Life: Mosey to the stairs. Artemis (YHC’s cat) likes to sleep in the middle of our stairs. Way to nap dangerously. Naps on the stair was skipped in order to just do two sets up run up then down, while half of the PAX flutter kicked. Get that cat litter off your feet, gents.

5th Life: Panther Walk up the ramp. Some signs of cat scratch fever begin to show amongst the PAX.

6th Life: Indian Run with Laser Pointer Baton back to the AO.

7th Life: Random Stop For 10 Burpees OYO. Cats love burpees. AYG (Sprint) Back to the safety of the Cat Bag.

8th Life: String Time. The PAX execute an exercise at the behest of a Pax who does a lap of the parking lot while flying YHC’s travel kite. Why? Not enough kite flying in F3. Till now. 

  • Yanni – Burpees
  • Duelling Banjos – Merkins
  • Bright Idea – Low Country Cat Kicks
  • Skynrd – Cat Squat Jumps – Squat Jumps, Meow on the third. Those who meowed will have good luck for the rest of 2018.
  • Duplo – something with the word ‘cat’ in the title.-flutter kicks-LBCs?

9th Life: An Ill Conceived and Better Left Forgotten Suicide Run Type Group Thing With Cat Toys. Mistakes were made.

Circle Up. Still got life in us. As long as you’re still breathing, keep playing. Ring of Fire Merkin. One merkin each.

-Welcome FNG Toonces
– A January CSAUP Thang: We’re calling it Forces of Nature. Target is 1,550 pullups and 3,100 merkins for the month (so average 50pu, 100m per day.) We’ll raise some dough for charity, too. $10 entry fee. Winner will be drawn from all finishers and chooses the charity. To join, just add your name to the spreadsheet and start logging your work:
-The Wolf: 1/1/2019. (Manana) The Hillsborough crew’s first big event – The Wolf – is this Saturday, 0700 – 0900.  Starts at the Duck & Weave AO (Weaver Street Market in downtown Hillsborough).  If you’re interested in going, check out #thewolf.  Or give @Chum a buzz.  Clown car departing from the clubhouse at BC at 0600.
-Come Kick off the New Year Right with @Rebar at #thejag. 530 am. North Chatham Elem.
-Be safe tonight and today. There’s only one you.

Happy New Year’s All.