The Flag Was Raised At The Jag

June 2, 2020

WHEN: June 2, 2020
QIC: Homegrown Berry
PAX: Cheesesteak, Green Acres, Nacho, Quicken (Respect!), Rebar, Catskill (Respect!), Yanni, Bump Draft, Spit Bucket, Bogey, Brotox
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Beautiful Tuesday morning for 1st Q!


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • WMH x 10 IC
  • Arm circles x10 IC
  • RAC x10 IC
  • Good mornings x10 IC
  • Hillbillies x10 IC
  • Slow merkins x10 IC

Indian Run: last PAXx2 performs 5 burpees (no pushup) x 2 laps around bus loop

Main Event

PAX spread out along short side of AO parking lot. Bump Draft had an elevated position over the PAX & Yanni had some up and over maneuvers over a couple curbs (social distancing:check)

Merkin variation @ Side A to traveling exercise across parking lot to Superman @ Side B

In no particular order:

  • Merkins: regular x20 SC, peter parker x10 IC, wide x20 SC, hand-release x20 SC, dry docks x20 SC
  • Traveling x 50yds: forward & reverse lunge, broad jumps, single leg bunny hops, high knees, high knee skips, bernie sanders, reverse bunny hops
  • Supermans x15 IC (opposite arm/leg 1,2; both arms/legs up 3; down 4)

Merkin Line: down & back x3 SC


PAX Favorites:

  • slow freddie mercury x20 IC (YHC)
  • flutter kicks x30 IC (Cheesesteak)
  • ski abs x20 IC (Catskill)
  • american hammer x20 IC (Quicken)
  • boat/canoe x Rebar’s liking followed by ‘boat’ hold 10 count (Rebar)
  • yes, no, & maybes x10ea IC (Green Acres)
  • pickle dipper plank position x10IC followed by bows & toes x10 IC (Nacho)

When Nacho went Bows & Toes on the Jag’s pavement, YHC knew the Q was over!



  • YHC: honored to have led PAX through 1st as QIC. Thanks to Rebar as original siteQ and Catskill as previous siteQ for passing duties onto YHC as new The Jag siteQ
  • Yanni: 2nd F tomorrow, Wednesday June 3rd at The Wall at 8pm

Name-o-Rama: check


Thank you for the great group of men that came out this morning and all of the men of F3! In these times of divide, I ask for strength and wisdom for each of us as individuals and within our families, communities, nation, & world-wide that we unify.