Slow Smoked

January 10, 2020

WHEN: 01/08/2020
QIC: Adolphus
PAX: Big Kat, Botched, Deep Dish, Dry Rub, Gordo, MLP, Pedialyte, Prancing Horse, Uzi
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10 high-speed pax gathered in the gloom of the OEC for a frosty beatdown. Started with a fellowship run up to the LDS Church parking lot for warmup (SSH, Seal Jack, Imperial Walker, LBAC, Mountain Climber, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Slow Merkin). Partnered up, fellowship run to the grass field behind the church.

Lined up in pairs facing downhill for partner sprints. P1 sprints the length of the field and back while P2 does AMRAP of called exercise, then flapjack. 10-count lunges, slow merkins, slow sumo squats. Repeato for 2 rounds total. Fellowship down to the OEC parking lot. 

Lined up at the top of the parking lot for crawl bear down to the bottom, stopping every 2 parking stripes for 2 merkins. Gather at the bottom, fellowship down to the tennis court path handrail and low wall. P1 slow dips, P2 slow reverse rows under the handrail bar. 15 reps. Flapjack, then repeato for 3 rounds total. 

Fellowship to the (very dark) picnic area. Grab some bench. P1 right leg high-knee stepups, P2 derkins. Flapjack with left leg/derkins for round 2. (Author’s note, pax had the choice of derkins, merkins or irkins. Even in the gloomy dark, everyone chose the harder thing. Aye!)

Fellowship to the middle of the BFH for RYAO (Run Your A** Off), a full sprint to the top of the parking lot. Burpees until everyone is back. Circle up for Mary (Rockys, LBCs, Box Cutters, Gene Kelly’s, Plank O-Rama). 


Moleskin: Strong work all around. Rameses, the original and still one of (if not the) best AO in Churham to Q. If you’re not on the Q sheet yet, get there. Aye!