Santa’s sacks and balls at HOP

December 1, 2021

WHEN: 12/01/2021
QIC: Vice
PAX: Granpa Ninja, Crimson, Crab cake, Cici, Sweatervest, Yunus, Nails

With the holiday season upon us, I thought we would have some fun with a new toy and so I built some 25 lb sacks. These turned out to be pretty durable and I really thought they would be great to get a good workout.

Warmarama- SSH, WMH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Manafort Good Mornings

The thang: Circuit work spelling out Christmas with the typical tabata and crazy playlist. Go through the entire list twice


H- Homers with sack as weight

R- Rows

I- I called these the individual step back and twist, each leg

S- Swings-Kettlebell style

T- Tricep extensions

M- Merkins- no weight

A- Arnold Presses

S- Weighted squats

Put up the lights shoulder work- we took the ball and made sure all the lights were hung with care as we passed the ball back and forth for 2 sets of 15 count

Carrying the presents to the tree- We grabbed the sacks and did the game of Mr. Right and Ms. Left and practiced crab walking with those presents without spilling any rocks

Mary- We did some flutter kicks with holding the sack overhead, we did some vice grip situps and then finished off with a 3 count dying cockroaches

COT: Consider leading and either joining or replacing Yunus as site q and don’t forget the Holiday get together on 12-16 at the Briar Chapel clubhouse