May 24, 2021

WHEN: 05/24/2021
QIC: Nightshift & Moore
PAX: Gamestop, Spam, Palmolive, Right Swipe, Pfizer, Uke, TPS Reports, Roots, Elwood, Singlet, Bogie, Manafort, Slider, Cauliflower, Toes, Foley, Pelican Brief, Plinko, Zika, Light Weight(FNG), Right Swipe, Bobby Jackson

It was May 1, 2016. Pleather, Band Camp, Big Sky, DOI, Rudy, Lo Pair, Baby Face, Spooky arrived in the gloom to follow Homes lead. Pleasantville was born. Just over 5 years later, this AO averages 15 PAX with high and low tempo option.
We reran that first beatdown, which is only possible thanks to Homes posting a backblast. Thanks Homes.

Warmarama – What & Why

SSH while naming the 5 requirements of an F3 workout(the What), penalty burpees ensued, low squat hold while PAX attempted to recite the F3 mission statement(the Why), penalty burpees ensued, plank while the mission statement was provided

What had Happened

The “high tempo” group followed YHC to the the wall in front of La Vita Dolce for a few sets of box jumps and dips. 10, 15, then 20 each OYO.

Mosey’d down Brookgreen to the field in Southern Village for a game of 21, counting by 2. 21 merkins, sprint 40 yards across the field, 2 body weight squats, sprint back across the field, 19 merkins, sprint, 4 body weight squats, sprint, etc., until we got to 20 body weight squats and one last merkin.

Gather in the street next to the field, 5 burpees, hard run to the corner of Edgewater. 5 burpees, hard run up the hill to Copperline. 5 burpees, hard run up to Market Street. Recovery lap around the green.

Control Freak Merkins, Squats, and Burpos.

Moore lead the no running group. They partnered up and then split into two groups.

  • Choosing one PAX from each group, head-to-head jump rope challenge to see who can go longest. Losing team (15 burpees). Winning team (30 merkins)
  • DORA: 50 pull-ups, 150 block rows, 175 curls. Partner/timer doing 20 squat/punches under rope. Lightweight crushed his block…
  • Head-to-head jump rope challenge again. Losing team (10 burpees). Winning team (15 merkins).
  • DORA: 50 merkins, 100 overhead presses with block, 150 seal claps. Partner/timer doing 20 squat/punches under rope.
  • Head-to-head jump rope. Losing team (10 burpees). Winning team (15 merkins).

Hammers, Homer to Marge, Mermaid, T Merkins, J Lo

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