My Pet Rock

November 8, 2019

WHEN: 11/08/2019
QIC: Chum
PAX: Bright Idea (aka Rex-Kwon-Do), Hightower, Stinky Pete, Duplo, Mothman, Skynyrd
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  • The Typical Stuff

The Thang 

Grab a rock and move to Pull Up Station.  Performed the following cycles twice each.

Cycle #1

  • 3 Pull Ups (some dudes {i.e., me} can use the rock to aid in accessing the pull-up bar)
  • 5 Rockees (hold rock & drop down burpee-style, do a merkin with hands on rock, return to standing and clean & press rock)
  • 10 Yanni Merkins (one hand on rock, other on ground. Do a merkin.  Switch hand positions and do a merkin.  Continue in alternating fashion)
  • 15 Thrusters with rock
  • Parking Lot Lap (sans rock)

Cycle #2

  • 3 Leg Tucks on the pull-up bar (as per new Army CFT)
  • 5 Burpee Squats with rock (like a Rockee but with a squat while holding rock in lieu of clean & press)
  • 10 IC Mountain Climbers (just stare at your pet rock)
  • 15 Bonnie Blairs while holding rock
  • Parking Lot Lap (sans rock)

Cycle #3

  • 3 Dead Hang Knee Raises, slow & controlled (hang free, bring knees to chest in controlled fashion, try not to sway)
  • 5 Bus Driver Rockees (like a Rockee but do a bus driver {hold rock out in front of you at shoulder level and rotate back and forth like a steering wheel} in lieu of clean & press).  Editor’s Note: these really sucked.
  • 10 Diamond Merkins on rock
  • 15 Hammers (2-count) with rock
  • Parking Lot Lap (sans rock)


  • Capsizing Canoe (a Nitro creation) – [6” leg hold, raise legs, lower legs, raise legs, lower legs, rotate left, back to center, raise legs, lower legs, raise legs, lower legs, rotate right, back to center]
  • Hello Dollies
  • Dancing Chilcutts
  • Merkin Ring O’ Fire


  • BC Murph on Monday!!
  • Chatham Six Pack Challenge next week


Am grateful as always for the opportunity and for the support.

Earlier this week, Bell’s (Site Q at The Big Dance in Durham) published a well-written post on Slack.  The overall intent of his post was to encourage others to step up to Q.  But, more importantly, he spoke of the tremendous impact F3 has had on his (and hopefully all of our) lives.

He asked two reflective questions, and I’d like to ask each of them to you: (i) what has F3 meant to you, and (ii) what do we owe each other?  The answers to these questions are, and should be, personal to each of us.  Please take time to reflect on them while remembering that F3 is so, so much more than just a workout group.  It is a brotherhood.  Aye!


  • Boner Pants