Money Ain’t Sh*t

  • When: 09/20/19
  • QIC: Griswold
  • The PAX: Stinky Pete, Schmear, Turf Builder, LBP, Mothman, Nitro (respect), Duplo, Zook, Chum, John Boy, Stubbs, Hal, Splashback, Petri, Dive, Paper jam.

YHC had the Q today, and my creativity muscle has been pretty weak recently, so instead of coming up with something of my own, I decided to recycle a favorite Ruck PT and make it work with cinder blocks. Chum braved the gloom early with YHC to help load up the appropriate amount of blocks into my car, and we were off.


SSH x 20

Arm Circles – F/R x 10

WMH x 10

The Thang:

A dreaded part of a GORUCK event with Cadre Cleve is the deck of death. He takes out his deck of cards, assigns a movement to each suit and gives you a time to beat. Make it and you are smoked. Miss it and you are smoked and you will eventually try again. It usually takes about 6075 minutes to run through this, so we were definitely not going to make it all the way through. YHC considered removing numbers 2-5 but decided that was a dick move.

The rep quantities for each card were:

Number cards are that number

Face cards are 15

Aces are 20

Jokers were each 50 4-count Mountain Climbers

The exercises assigned to each suit were:

Hearts: 4-count Flutter Kicks w/weight overhead

Diamonds: Weight overhead Squat

Clubs: Brickyard Man Makers (one rep is: clean your weight, squat it, press it, hold overhead and lunge left then lunge right)

Spades: 8 Count Body Builders

We didn’t make it through the entire deck due to time constraints, but that was known going in. The rep totals for each movement were:

Flutter Kicks: 97 (last card was a 6 of hearts, after some goading the Q counted it to 20)

Weight overhead Squats: 40

Brickyard Man Makers: 48

8 Count Body Builders: 29

4-Count Mountain Climbers: 50



Sunnyside is tomorrow. Should be a great workout for all the PAX and the 2.0s

Today is the last day to vote for the date of the F3 cookout


A couple of weeks ago 4 of us Churham boys went to NY for a 9/11-memorial GORUCK event. It was meaningful, emotional and challenging on many levels. The GORUCK cadre did a phenomenal job of challenging us all while making sure that we all knew we were there to honor those we lost on 9/11, and since then from the effects of and events put in motion on that day. They also took the time, as they usually do, to impart some general wisdom and perspective. Cadre Cleve said something that, I think, resonated with all of us that were up there. He said “You jabronis think money is important. Money ain’t shit. You can always make more. You can’t ever get time back once it’s gone, so you better spend the time you have wisely and make it count.” As we go through life training for different events, getting caught up in work, community, and all of the other demands we put on ourselves, lets not forget to step back and take an accounting of our time. You will never get the chance to do the things you decided not to do again. If you skip something, make sure whatever you are doing instead is worthwhile. We all have an expiration date, and we don’t know when it is. Waste money, not time.

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