Mix Second Anny Q

January 14, 2019

WHEN: January 14, 2019
QIC: Sir Mix-a-Lot
PAX: Balki, Beano, Cauliflower, Cousin Vinny, Fingers, Gordo, Harlequin, Homes, Kevin, Klinger, Lo Pair, Manafort, Moore, Nucky, Pelican Brief (visitor from Charlotte), Palmolive, Pookie, Scully, Smokes, Spooky, Stevie Ray, Subprime, Swingline, TPS Reports, TurboTax, Turnpike, Wuerffel, YHC
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It was a cool morning with temps in the mid-30s. YHC arrived to a crowd on the Southern Village green this morning at 5:40. Twelve of those PAX did a 5k EC run around the neighborhood, and more and more PAX kept filing in… Eventually, we had 28 PAX!

Warm up

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Good mornings
  • Hillbillies
  • Willie Mays Hays
  • SSH
  • Slow Count merkins
  • 10 burpees oyo

Mosey to wall

  • Divide into two teams.
  • Team 1: BTTW
  • Team2: 10 derkins, 10 dips, 10 derkins, 10 dips,

Mosey to hill for Jacob’s ladder

  • 9 burpees at top of hill, run to bottom, 1 squat, run to top
  • 8 burpees, run to bottom, 2 squats, run to top
  • 1 burpee at top of hill, run to bottom, 9 squats, run to top

Mosey to stage

  • Partner carry across field, swap and return
  • Backwards run across field, sprint back
  • Bear crawl lap down stairs and around half of bandshell


  • Bridges x20
  • Flutter kick x30
  • Merkin RoF


  • Go to Bastille this Friday for 5th anniversary (!!) Q by Wuerffel.
  • Harlequin is collecting books for book harvest (bookharvestnc.org). It’s a great organization that works to get books in the hands of kids who don’t have them. They have given away over a million books so far. They focus on early childhood books through elementary – picture books, board books are all welcome. You can drop old books in a bin on his front porch (300 Highgrove Drive) or bring them to The Cougar on Wednesday morning and I can grab them then. Book harvest also holds an event on MLK day in the afternoon that is lots of fun. They tally the books and have food trucks and a band – it’s a great family event. https://bookharvestnc.org/dream-big/ DM Harlequin for more details.
  • The Gambler CSAUP is April 6 in Briar Chapel. Check out the Slack channel or DM Chum.


A little over two years ago Moore convinced me that I should wake up at some ungodly early hour and give F3 a try. It was Friday the 13th, a Spooky Q-ed workout. It was cold and dark. There were lit candles (okay, LED candles) all over the field. The Q was dressed up as the Grim Reaper and led us through monster-themed exercises. At the end Yanni came up with my nickname, and everyone gathered for the circle of trust. I wondered if this F3 thing was some sort of cult. As I’ve learned since then, yes, it is, but it’s definitely one of the better cults to be affiliated with. As the two years have elapsed, all three of the F’s have impacted me deeply, and I look forward to continuing the adventure with you PAX. Keep at it, Brothers!

(YHC note: Once on a jog through Southern Village, Cousin Vinny came up with names for the PAX who EH-ed you, the Q for your first workout, and the guy who came up with your F3 name. Playing off the mob, Vinny pulled some names from the movie Donnie Brasco. I’ve forgotten the labels but not who those PAX are for me—grateful to know Moore, Spooky, and Yanni, all of whom embody the spirit of F3. Although each of those 3 are unique in their own way, they aren’t the only amazing PAX in Churham. You are a fun and inspiring crew in so many ways!)