Intervals in the deck

December 21, 2018

WHEN: December 21, 2018
QIC: Pusher
PAX: Buffay, Cortés, Milton, Nubbin, Pusher, Toast McQueen
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Decided to focus on timed exercise vs counting to allow each Pax to push themselves and keep heart rate up.


SSH x 10 IC, run up parking deck 1 level, LBAC forward and reverse IC x 10, up 1 level WMH x 10 IC, up 1 level for seal claps x 10 IC, up 1 level for seal stretch x 5 IC, repeat x 5 IC, calf stretch x 10 IC (each leg), SSH x 50 IC.

Mosey back to bottom of parking deck while Pax were updated on plan for intervals.

The Thang:

Put Pandora on my “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin.   Pax grab coupon (mostly cinder blocks but also 1 kettle bell and Nubbin keeps his Bulgarian Heavy Bag in his hatch back at all times!) for curls x 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds, bent over row x 30 seconds, rest 15, overhead press x 30 sec, rest 15.  Timed cadence repeated for curls half way up, rows, overhead press, curls half down.

Drop coupons and mosey to first ramp on parking deck.

Bear crawl “sprints” – Pax bear crawled as R(crawl)YAO-style for 15 seconds, walk for 15 and repeat all the way up the deck (at lest until we met up with the uncovered section as the rain resumed by this time).

Mosey down 1 level for alternating between 30 seconds of burpees with the recovery in peoples chair x 30 seconds.  Repeated this for 3 rounds.

Mosey down 1 level for a modified WMD with 30 sec wide-arm Merkin, 30 seconds of squat jumps (froggers), 30 seconds of standard Merkin, 30 sec squat jumps, 30 sec diamond Merkin.

Mosey to bottom of deck for a short Plank-o-rama.  30 seconds of chilly jacks (chilcutt plank jack), 30 seconds of peter parker and 30 sec of low plank hold.


Flutter kicks x 30 IC, heels to heaven x 20 IC, LBCs x 30 IC, WWIs x 15 IC, Russian Hammer x 15 IC.


The Wolf is 1/5/19 from 7 to 9 AM starting at Duck-and-Weave AO.  See Slack for details.

Prayers for all Pax today.  Milton cousin, Cortés father-in-law, Nubbin – health, foster, Toast – puppy.  Majority of Pax of sick kiddos heading into holiday.  

Coffeteria:Buffay, Cortés, Milton, Pusher, Toast McQueen enjoyed Cup-A-Joe for a few minutes of 2nd F before tackling Friday.