Heart Rate Stress Test

March 9, 2020

WHEN: March 7, 2020
QIC: Cardiac
PAX: Wawa, Night Shift, Malware, Uzi, One Direction, Bump Draft, Quicken, Popeye, Katskill, Harbough, Rebar
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Warm Up:

23x SSH

Warmup lap around the field with: High knees, butt kickers, backwards run, high skips and an accelerator

5x warm up burpees

10x merkins

15x mountain climbers

10x merkins

15x Plankjacks

The thang:  5 PAX joined up for the best EC that churham has to offer on Saturday morning.  The group took a nice little tour of Franklin street then tossed some kettle bells and dumb bells around.  The ME started off with a nice relaxed warm up then we got the heart rate up and never let it come back down.  The first exercise was the ABC123 (anerobic burpee challenge 1, 2, 3).  PAX sprinted across the field and back then immediately got into burpee’s AMRAP for 1 minute.  Take a 10 second pause then sprint across the field and back then immediately into burpees AMRAP for 2 minute, then repo for 3 minutes.  If you want to try this one at home the goal is to reach 100 burpees within your 6 minutes. 

Following the ABC123 we did a recovery lap to the soccer goal box, then circled up.  As today was the day of the UNC/Dooke basketball game, we needed to reminisce on some of the good times at UNC.  So we did the upside of the a “psycho T merkin” pyramid.  At this point everyone, including YHC, needed a break from the arms, so we started an 11’s set with lung walk, lung jumps and Danny Green Squats (side note: a Danny Green squat is a sumo squat with one arm up – when you do it you look just like Danny when he tbag dunked over some unimportant dooke player).  About half way through the 11’s YHC called an audible because I wanted to make fun dooke.

We needed to travel to the far end of the field and YHC remembered that dooke players have a reputation for falling over for no reason at all (youtube search for “duke goats”, its hilarious and well worth the 5 minutes, you will also get a nice image of how to do a Danny Green Squat).  To implement this into a workout YHC had everyone do a low squat side shuffle down the field and when ever YHC yelled “Goats” everyone dropped to the ground to a low plant hold. 

At the far end of field we did some things to keep the heart rate up, it was all just a farse to do more of the dooke and goats.  We finished up with some extra plyometric skips and the down side of the Pyscho T merkin pyramid.  Last but not least we got our 6 minutes of Mary in, with only a couple of half field sprints.