Flat Dora

December 31, 2018

WHEN: December 31, 2018
QIC: Botched
PAX: Prancing Horse, Deep Dish (Respect!), Brick, Ocho, MLP, Loonie, Richard Simmons, Pikachu, Sonar, Boucher, Band Camp (Respect!), Night Shift, Red October, Awesome Baby, Botched
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New Year’s Eve, and #the_eagle was on for regular time at 5:30am. Apparently some PAX clocks are already moving on into 2019, as there were 9 PAX present to begin the warm-up, but 15 PAX in the circle by the time Warm-o-rama concluded (to be fair, some of these were Ruckers returning to base camp).

YHC doesn’t have the creativity to plan a New Year’s or 2018 themed Q, so instead decided to just focus on keeping it 100.


  • SSH x 40
  • WMH x 10
  • Imperial Walker x 10
  • Arm Circles x 15/
  • Reverse x 15
  • Slow Squat x 10
  • Slow Merkin x 10


After a quick mosey lap around the track for some extra warm-up, the PAX moseyed to the basketball court. Taking the idea of a Dora – upper body, core, lower body, YHC decided to make slight modifications. First, break into groups of 3. For each exercise, plan for every man to average 100 reps (total of 300 reps/group). It went down like this:

Basketball court, groups of 3

Set 1 – Merkins

  • Partner 1 AMRAP merkins at fence
  • Partner 2 bunny hop from fence to brick wall
  • Partner 3 wall sits on brick wall, awaiting partner 2
  • Rotate – Partner 3 jog back down to relieve Partner 1, and etc.
  • Total Merkins – 300

Set 2 – LBC

  • Partner 1 AMRAP LBCs at fence
  • Partner 2 bear crawl from fence to brick wall
  • Partner 3 wall sits awaiting partner 2
  • Rotate – Partner 3 jog back down to relieve Partner 1, and etc.
  • Total LBC – 300

Set 3 – Squats

  • Partner 1 AMRAP squats at fence
  • Partner 2 backward runs from fence to brick wall
  • Partner 3 plank holds awaiting partner 2
  • Rotate, Partner 3 jog back down to relieve Partner 1, and etc.
  • Total Squats – 300

Dora usually proceeds in a 100/200/300 fashion, but today we did 300/300/300, keeping every rep total the same. Hence, “Flat Dora.”

Mosey back to Startex parking Lot, to the overhang. After our Flat Dora, YHC felt that the biceps and back muscle groups had been given too much of a pass. The plan – Pull-ups!

  • New partners, size matters
  • Partners perform a total of 100 pull-ups, parter assist as needed
  • After each 20, partners take a lap together around the parking lot before continuing (lap after 20, 40, 60, 80 pull-ups)
  • Total – 100 pull-up, 4 laps


  • Flutter Kick x 50
  • LBC x 25
  • Hello Dolly x 20
  • Heels to Heaven x 20
  • American Hammer x 20


Announcements – new challenge for 2019 to be revealed by MLP this Weds at Ramses; Global Post spreadsheet for 2019 now available; Wolf CSAUP coming up soon!

YHC took us out. As 2018 concludes, YHC is grateful that F3 came into his life in July 2018. After less than half a year, F3 has been transformative, not just from a fitness perspective (though certainly that is the case!), but in fellowship with the F3 brothers, and helping YHC remember to Live Third. YHC can’t wait to see what an entire year can bring in 2019. As always, it was an honor and privilege to lead this morning. SYITG!