Downtown Durham On Foot

December 27, 2018

WHEN: December 27, 2018
QIC: Funny Money
PAX: Crabcake, Funny Money, Bluth, Low Tide, Florence, Assisi, Soda Popinski, Bitcoin, Magellan, Baggins
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Warm ups:

Side-shuffle hop 25

Imperial Walker 15

Willie Mays Hayes 15

Good Mornings 15

Little baby arm circles 15

Reverse little baby armi circles 15

Merkins 15

Ricky Bobby (Indian Run) the long way to Y parking lot (near Rise)

Split into groups of 3

One PAX runs around block while the remainder do:

–Flutter kicks


–Partner-assist situps


–Freddy Mercuries




Mosey back to parking lot

We prayed for fellowship, fitness, and Baggins’ 3rd baby, born this fall.