Curb Appeal

September 16, 2022

WHEN: 09/16/2022
QIC: Zook
PAX: Marky Mark, Nighthawk, PaperJam, Dueling Banjos, Hal, Quint, DeWater, Duplo, Chum, Brotox, Montecristo, Guesstimator, Sonikraut, RG3, Bright Idea

Today’s question of the day was more trivia and based on what they thought my 2.0 (Cornholio) knew in regards to items of my youth. The past few nights at dinner I have asked him if he knew what certain things were. More than not he had no clue but the PAX would guess as to if they thought he knew or not. Wrong answer would be 5 penalty burpees. See moleskin for full list

The Warmup

  • WMH
  • Michael Phelps
  • Back scratchers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Slow Merkins
  • All to 10 except on one in which YHC only went to 9 and the PAX was sure to let him know
  • Motivator from 7

The Thang

  • All exercises today were to be done on the curb
  • We moseyed and did a number of exercises along the way while dodging cars and asking the PAX if they though Cornholio knew the items we talked about. Lot of penalty burpees and the PAX should have just answered no each time
  • Exercises done (not sure order or which ones we repeated:
    • Fit4Moms
    • Slow lunges with one foot on curb
    • Diamond merkins
    • Erkins
    • Squats with one leg on curb
    • Mountain climbers
    • Inch Worm merkins
    • Johnny dramas
  • We then made our way back to AO and did Bright Ideas “We were going down the river and brought” drinking/workout game. Took a bit for the PAX to understand the instructions (Looking at you Nighthawk) but once we got going it went fairly well. Punishment for forgetting was a run up and down the hill


  • No time


  • Things asked to Cornholio to see if he knew what they were
    • Toll booths, the yellow pages, slide projector, cassette tape, Napster, Mix tapes, rotary phones, encyclopedias, floppy disks, walkman, pay phones (and how much it costs to make a call), atlas, a checkbook, typewriters, answering machines, blockbuster video


  • Quarterly report Oct 1. Be there!
  • No Big House next week. Convergence at #ramses or got to #theearl
  • BarBQ be planned by bright idea


YHC thanked the PAX for coming out tonight (yes was given crap for it) but then went on to say something about enjoying time with your kids and if you dont have something to talk about at dinner, try the “Do you know what this is” game. The answers from your kids will crack you up..  Until next time in the gloom, Aye!

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