BADGERs at Bull Plaza

December 28, 2018

WHEN: December 28, 2018
QIC: SalPal
PAX: Iggy Peck, Funny Money, Happy Gilmore, Coxswain, Lowtide
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If it weren’t for Happy Gilmore, I would’ve totally FS’ed today’s Q. I don’t know what possessed YHC to jump on the opportunity, but I decided to go for it. On the flight home, I was struggling to come up with ideas, so I wrote “HONEYBADGER” on the margin of a legal pad. After 30 minutes of flying, I crossed out the “HONEY” and was simply left with the BADGER routine. And that routine don’t care.


  • SSH x15
  • WMH x10
  • LBACs and reverse x12
  • Merkins x10
  • IW x10

The Thang:

Took a quick run to the downtown plaza. It was very well-lit thanks to a well-placed Christmas tree. Do we have @Knope to thank for the decor? The workout was a simple Dora, but simple didn’t mean easy. Routine was as follows:
B – Burpees x100
A – American Hammers x100
D – Derkins x100
G – Gorilla Humpers x100
E – Erkins x100
R – Repeat 100 burpees, cuz the BADGER don’t care.
Partner would run a lap around the plaza. Happy Gilmore commented the location was prime for shoving our posteriors into oncoming traffic on Chapel Hill. Credit to Lowtide for coming up with the next big move for the Honeybadger: renting those bikes and doing a bike workout. That was our only routine, and it left us pretty gassed.


  • LBCs x20
  • Flutter Kicks x20
  • Heels x20
  • Freddie Mercuries x20
  • 10 second RoF 6-inch hold

CoT and Announcements:

Happy Gilmore reminded PAX about the Wolf Convergence. Also, heads up, Magellan has the VQ next week! Prayers for Lowtide’s family, Iggy’s sister, and Happy Gilmore’s brother. Coffeteria followed at Joe van Gogh’s (sorry fellas, I had a busy morning, maybe next time).