Around the school

January 14, 2020

WHEN: January 14, 2020
QIC: One Direction
PAX: WeedNFeed, Pallino, Kia
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Warm Up

  • 15 SSH
  • Mosey to BB Court
  • 10 IC Good Mornings
  • Mosey to stairs
  • 12 Johnny Dramas
  • Mosey to playground
  • 5 pull ups OYO
  • Mosey to tables
  • 15 dips
  • Mosey to front of school
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • Mosey to parking lot entrance.

Main Event

YHC decided to Pioneer some new space with the usage of the hill, which the PAX use to drive into the parking lot. YHC thought this hill would do well with a crawl bear up and bear crawl down, with a 7’s routine. However, this seemed to cause more pain then YHC had thought, so we modified as necessary to 3’s.

Next, we did a partner wheel barrel up the hill with a de-escalating Merkin count: 15, 10, 5. Each partner would alternate trips up the hill, reaching the top, the PAX would perform their merkins while still in the wheel barrel position.

We then retraced our steps around the school, performing the same exercises in reverse order. The only alteration is a Drill Sergeant segment on the BB court. Coming back to the Flag, YHC started feeling rather queasy, so afraid to “Spill the Merlot”, I passed the Mary section to the PAX who called out the exercises.

  • WNF: Heels to Heaven
  • Kia: American Hammer
  • Pallino: Ski Abs


Reminder that the Bull is October 31st, 2020. Prayers answered that YHC did not spill the merlot!