Animal House Escalators

August 15, 2020

WHEN: August 14, 2020
QIC: Moore & Boucher
PAX: Champ, Love Seat, Pookie, Red Card, Welcome FNG Floppy
LOCATION: Animal House
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Adolphus took a spill on his bike recently and wasn’t feeling up to Q-ing…so he put out the call for a Q substitute and YHC jumped at the opportunity to play with the toys at Animal House – one of the gems of Churham.  Site-Q Moore offered to split the Q and it was game on.

It was a very humid morning and Red Card succeeded where Blackball had failed over the last 5 years in bringing out a particular FNG (spoiler alert – who was given the name Flopper – a reference to some soccer players tendency to flop, which was a close enough tie to the FNG being a soccer player, and an homage to the PAX who EH-ed him – Red Card).

Moore started us off with a subdued and underlyingly intense warm up –


SSH x 20
Imperial Walker IC x 20
Arm-Circles (Big, small, forward, backward) IC x 20
Harvester/Gardner IC x 10
Slow Air Squats x 10
Slow Merkins x 10


The Thang
Moore had the PAX head to the cinder block pile and return to the basketball courts with said block for a series of Cadence Count/Single Count complementary exercises:

Circuit 1:
1 weighted crunch / 1 cadence count mountain climber
2 weighted crunches / 2 cadence count mountain climber
3 weighted crunches / 3 cadence count mountain climber…
10 weighted crunches / 4 cadence count mountain climber

Circuit 2:
1 Merkin / 1 cadence count shoulder press
2 Merkins / 2 cadence count shoulder press
3 Merkins / 3 cadence count shoulder press…
10 Merkins / 10 Cadence count shoulder press.

Lap around the parking Lot

Circuit 3:
1 bent over row / 1 cadence count bicep curl
2 bent over rows / 2 cadence count bicep curls
3 bent over rows / 3 cadence count bicep curls…
10 bent over rows / 10 cadence count bicep curls…

Lap around the parking lot

Circuit 4:
1 weighted squat / 1 cadence count lunge walk…
2 weighted squats / 2 cadence count lunge walk
3 weighted squats / 3 cadence count lunge walks
10 weighted squats / 10 cadence count lunge walks

30 minutes in, YHC took over.
We returned the cinder blocks (one casualty as Champ’s grip strength destroyed a block) and bear crawled down the hill to the track.  We kept up the escalator theme with escalating travelling burpees:

1 broad jump, one merkin
2 broad jumps, two merkins
3 broad jumps, three merkins…
10 broad jumps, ten merkins

Mosey around the track (200 meters) to the stands and PAX were instructed to pix a physically distanced spot for an escalator of slow cadence count Johnny Dramas
1 cadence count Johnny Drama
2 cadence count Johnny Dramas
3 cadence count Johnny Dramas…
10 cadence count Johnny Dramas

Mosey to the pull-up bars for a 1-10 pull up escalator
1 pull up
2 pull ups
3 pull ups…
10 pull ups

Mosey to the far side of the track, then sprint the last 200 meters…take the road back up to the parking lot and Crawl Bear the last straight away to the top.

Heels to Heaven IC x 20
Hello Dolly IC x 20
Flutter Kick IC x 20


Prayers to Pookie and his daughter as they make a cross country trip in the Prius for her senior year in college.  Keep asking for help if you need it and step up if you are able to help!