7’s are Wild

August 26, 2020

WHEN: 08/26/2020
QIC: Duplo
PAX: Chum, Zook, Brotox, Paper Jam, Cricket, Mothman
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SSH x 21; then a Grunge dart to another corner of the parking lot

Imperial Walkers by 14; then a Grunge dart to another corner of the parking lot

Willie Mays Hayes X 7 and sine Boy-R-D line dancing

Lap around the larger clubhouse lot back to the parking lot for the ME

Main Event

Pax Choice Wall of Jericho

There were exactly 6 Pax + the Q so the workout was nicely balanced in that each PAX got to chose their favorite movement for the ME.  The goal was 7 rounds of 7 movements for 7 reps!

HR Merkin – Chum

Flutter Kicks – Zook

Carolina Dry Dock – Brotox

Jump Squat – Paper Jam

Skywalkers – Cricket

LBCs – Mothman

A variety of lap routes were taken after each round.  The Q even sprinkled in a few burpee and dip rest stops after each round


Not sure if these have made the lexicon yet but they are some of the best cool downs out there:

Sitting LBACs (Little Baby Arm Circles) – We didn’t forget to cross our legs and reverse direction.

The Hammy – left and right leg stretch

Corpse Pose – debate on whether Venus or You’reAnus was visible at 6:15AM



Reminder about what important day in history this was exactly 100 years ago today, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_Equality_Day


And especially those females in our lives that we should be grateful for!