6th Anniversary of the Thicket and New Site Qs!

August 1, 2022

WHEN: 08/01/2022
QIC: Quicken and Maraschino
PAX: Catskill, Nitro, Dueling Banjos, Brotox, Golden Boy, Paperjam, Marky Mark, Bright Idea, Bumpdraft, Spit Bucket, Homegrown Berry

Warm up: Mtn Climbers IC, Squats SC, OHC IC, Seal Claps IC, LBAC IC, WMH IC, Good Morning IC



3 burpees, 6 get ups, 9 jump squats for 1 min x 3 then 1 min rest

4 burpees, 8 mtn climbers, 12 forward lunges for 1 min x 3 then 1 min rest

4 burpees, 8 plank jacks, 12 backward lunges for 1 min x3 then 1 min rest

4 burpees, 10 shoulder taps, 15 SSH SC x3 for 1 min x3

Mosey to playground for Moira (combination of Murph and Dora). Teams of 4 with 2 at the playground while 2 run around the school. The 2 PAX at the playground switch off doing merkins or pull-ups (or dead hang). Need team total of 300 merkins. Merkins only count if one PAX is hanging or doing pull-ups.

Mosey to cinder block pile and overhead carry to AO for Bulgarian split squats, chest press, and block overhead flutters.

COT: It’s the 6th anniversary of the The Thicket. Prior site Qs include Marky Mark, Chum, and Splashback. Passed the shovel flag to new site Qs Brotox and Dueling Banjos. Let’s fill up the Q sheet through the end of the year. Nitro reminded us all how important good and long-lasting friendships are!


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