09/21/2022 Conjunction Junction – The Longest Shuffle

September 21, 2022

WHEN: 09/21/2022
QIC: Wham-O, Slug
PAX: Nightshift, Lip Service, Igloo, Fish & Chips, Yo-Yo

The PAX of Conjunction Junction had the pleasure of a VQ (YHC Wham-O)/Co-Q (Slug) this morning. Still pretty new to F3, I took to the backblasts and worked off of Foghorn Leghorn's VQ from a while back: https://f3churham.com/vq-keep-it-stupid-simple/. The ME met my dual goals of (1) let each PAX push to their own limit and (2) eliminate the risk of YHC screwing up counts & cadences. Slug brought us home with a delightful mix of core work and yoga stretches.

– Side-shuffle hops x25
– Willie Mays Hayes x10
– Imperial Walkers x10
– Hillbillies x10
– Arm circles forward and back x15 each
– Fellowship jog

The Thang: Suicide BAMS
– Partner up starting at one end of the parking lot
– Partners alternate with one performing a stationary exercise while the other runs a leg of the suicide
— Leg 1: first partner burpees (B) while second partner runs out & back 1/4 length of parking lot; switch roles and repeat
— Leg 2: first partner alternating shoulder taps (A) while second partner runs out & back 1/2 length of parking lot; switch roles and repeat
— Leg 3: first partner merkins (M) while second partner runs out & back 3/4 length of parking lot; switch roles and repeat
— Leg 4: first partner squats (S) while second partner runs out & back full length of parking lot; switch roles and repeat
– PAX are encouraged to shout "BAMS!" as they are moved to do so
– We repeated the entire cycle 3 times, changing the mode of transport for the suicide portion: side shuffle for round 2 (note: the full parking lot makes for a looong shuffle); bear crawl out (reduce distance by half) & jog back for round 3

Slug led the PAX through Planks, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers/Parker Peters, some light yoga, with a few extras thrown in by other PAX.

Announcements & Prayer Requests:
– Prayers to Slug as he works through an especially stressful start of the school year
– Fish & Chips proposed a Q soup featuring current and former site Qs to celebrate Conjunction Junction's upcoming 5th anniversary. Date TBD. Sure to be a star-studded lineup.

YHC shared an encouragement to keep showing up for one another and for ourselves as we move into fall and the gloom gets thicker. You don't always know when you'll be the spark to keep someone else's flame lit or when someone might do the same for you, but it ain't happening either way unless you're present.


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