09/08/2022 — – IPC Week 1, Care Bear Squared

September 8, 2022

WHEN: 09/08/2022
QIC: Scapula
PAX: Count Chocula, Cardiac, Spooky, BumpDraft, Hutz, CherryBaked, Awesome Baby, Floyd, Bellhop, Uzi, FNG Jazz Brunch, Crash Cart, Boucher, Swamp

Early start a Tobacco Road to make time for a 45 minute Amrap.
Big, big T claps to the following who helped with the logistics, planning, and proctoring of the morning:
-Count Chocula

Count Chocula set up three squares for us: a super competitive speed square, the middle of the road guys, and the modify/mumble chatter masters.

After a very brief warm-up, we kicked off the Amrap at 5:22 AM.

***Link to workout for IPC2022 Week 1 below***


Floyd brought a FNG, eventually named ‘Jazz Brunch’
The BULL confirmed as a downtown Durham event, shirt order still open.
9/11 Stairclimb on Sunday. Churham PAX to meet at Hooker Field at 0700.

Great competition, great teamwork, great mumble chatter!
So powerful to have some of the true studs of the region come out on a show, but equally as cool to see those who are a bit nicked up able to grind through this workout with modifications.

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