08/03/2022 The Skunk – Primal Workout Glory

August 3, 2022

WHEN: 08/03/2022
QIC: Nickelback
PAX: Gilligan, Toast, Bedpan, Dingy, Nubbin, Busch League, Spud, Roy G Biv, Muzungu

This morning's theme was going primal! YHC recently read part of the health and wellness book, The Primal Blueprint which inspired the theme of going back to paleolithic times for a great time. Here's how it went:

– SSH (20x)
– Arm Circles with Johnny Dramas (12x)
– Mtn Climbers (15x)
– Dealers Choice Oyo (30 s)

The Thang: Lift Heavy Things, Do Some Sprinting, Go to Failure, and Have Some Fun

Lift Heavy Things
-Mosey to the rock pile to pick-up a new friend and then around to the parking lot.
-Circle up for Curls (10x)
-Squat Hold Ring of Fire
-Circle up for Curls (10x)
-Plank Hold Ring of Fire
-Circle up for Curls (10x)

Do Some Sprinting
-Pax dropped their rocks and lined up at the end of the parking lot
-Pax jogged 50% effort down and back
-Pax jogged 75% effort down and back
-Pax jogged 80% effort down and back

Go to Failure
-Pax grabbed their rocks back up and moseyed back to the baseball stands
-Round 1: 1/2 pax went behind the stands to do 12 pull-ups and served as the timer while…..the other 1/2 pax completed as many rounds of overhead presses (10)/run the bleachers/overhead presses (10)
-Round 1: Flap jack to complete round 1
-Round 2: Same as round 1 but reduced the timer to 8 pull-ups
-Round 3: Same as round 1 but reduced the timer to 5 pull-ups

Have Some Fun
-Pax moseyed to the baseball field and divided into the same two teams for a race around the bases
-Base 1 (1st base for team 1 and 3rd base for team 2) Bunny Hops
-Base 2 Crab Walk
-Base 3 Bunny Hops
-Home Crab Walk

More Fun
-Mosey back to parking lot for more fun using the rock
-Bent over rows (10x)
-Plank hold ring of fire
-Bent over rows (10x)
-Plank hold ring of fire
-Bent over rows (10x)
– Merkins (5) ring of fire
– Mosey back to the rock pile to discard our weight

-Played this song to bring us home! https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=OhEWoKttcEI&feature=share
-American hammers until the chorus when we switched to 6-inch leg hold then back to American hammers for the verse

-The Uncle Opossum this Saturday talk to Nubbin!
-Prayers for Spud's son who broke his arm and Milton while he was gone

-Gilligan showed the F3 leadership by rallying the troops for a track EC and we had a record 5 show up-that's the F3 way! I'm always inspired by this free, peer lead group.
-Appreciate this group and the opportunity to lead this morning

Let's go!

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