My Thing Doesn’t Work Right

February 19, 2019

WHEN: February 18, 2019
QIC: Fieri, Yanni, Roundhouse
PAX: Spooky, DOI, Rudy, Oxy, Pookie, Sweet Peas, Stevie Ray, Wuerffel, BnB, Palmolive, Moore
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YHC pulled his first ever Q-sack the previous Friday at Bastille, it was wonderful by the way. So, he signed up to Q Pleasantville to make up for it.
My 2.1 Roundhouse and I were having an epic nerf gun battle Sunday afternoon when an idea popped into our brains, nerf gun Q! Roundhouse loved the idea and the thought of shooting random grown men with his arsenal of guns. So father and son huddled up and formulated a plan.
YHC also loves the trivia that Fieri is famous for and so in the cold dark gloom the 3 musketeers set off for Pleasantville where 11 other men were waiting to get shot with nerf darts and get their brains challenged.

Warm Up
SSH,IW,WMH,Windmill,Lead Cross w/ squat

Mosey down under the parking deck
Game 1:
On the wall were 2 sets of targets. One had a bunch of exercises and the other had numbers. 2 Shooters grab a nerf gun. 1 shooter shot the exercise targets and the other shot the number targets. Pax would do the exercise and the amount that were shot.

Game 2:
Roundhouse uses his pistol and tries to shoot a pax who’s running the length of the parking deck. If he hits the PAX we do 15 merkins, if he misses 5 burpees. Next runner up…

Rock’n Roll trivia
Fieri has put together a mix of some classic rock songs. The pax would do and exercise while trying to guess the artist. If a wrong answer was blurted out the Pax must do burpees until 3 consecutive correct answers were given.
Needless to say, lots of burpees.

LoPair has surgery today. Thoughts and prayers, but more importantly reach out to him and check in. Send him a DM or ask if the family needs anything. We know LoPair doesn’t want us to make a fuss over him, but tough shit, we do care about you bro. We want you back out with us, we really just want you healthy.

The fartsack is strong this time of year. Get out and crush it.
Make sure to be excellent to each other. AYE!

Rudy, or Dr. Gerry as he’s known at the Quest, knows Roundhouse form the ninjutsu dojo and sometimes is Roundhouses’ instructor, which is really cool for YHC to see.