Peaceful Transfer of Power

Bellhop/Scapula Co-Q 2/25/2021 Warning!! We did NOT officially honor the 38 AOs or the 1084 PAX of CHURHAM today. Instead we focused on the outgoing Tobacco Road Site Qs, Cardiac and Floyd. It’s not quite time for Jim Nance and “One Shining Moment”, but that song was in my mind as we were putting this […]

Misdemeanor Bunnies

After a couple month absence due mainly to the pandemic, YHC made his return Q today at Tobacco Road. 11 PAX eagerly awaited the unveiling of the Misdemeanor Bunnies which harkened back to darker days of the Iron PAX Challenge and the infamous Murder Bunny workout. The Murder Bunny workout was especially brutal and you […]

A Rivalry Renewed

15 PAX journeyed down Tobacco Road this morning and prepared for this Saturday’s renewal of the best rivalry in sports with a little friendly competition. Warm-up SSH x 20 WMH x 10 IW x 10 Moroccan Night Club x 15 Seal Jacks x 10 Slow merkins x 10 ME Mosey over to center circle on […]

Peaceful Transfer of Power

YHC met 14 Pax on a frigid morning to ensure a peaceful transfer power.  Keeping with the theme from yesterday’s presidential inauguration we welcomed back some familiar faces to Tobacco Rd.  Floyd, Teo, and Elf made an appearance which helped escalate the mumble chatter. Warmup 20 SSH 10 AC forward, 10 reverse 10 WMH 20 […]

The Core. The Core. The Core.

Been three straight days of coupons for YHC, on top of the daily January bi’s and tri’s challenge, so the arms, back and chest needed a break. One of the beautiful things about Qing is the PAX are obliged to do what you tell them. So we focused solely on, to paraphrase General MacArthur and […]

Christmas Eve Reindeer Gainz

I had a difficult time sleeping last night. Knowing I had to wake up for this Christmas Eve Q reminded me of what it’s like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve as a kid. Well, and as an adult, too. The PAX were apparently excited, too. Judge and I rolled in early to set things […]

Back to the 60’s

11 Pax gathered on a frozen morning but were greeted by a warmed up Cardiac who posted for EC.  The QIC explained today was all about going back to the sixties.  One of the benefits of living in NC is that it’s not uncommon to have a handful of days in December with temps in […]

4 score and 7 reps

Warm Up: 28x SSH 7x Merkin, 7x MountainClimbers, 7x Merkin, 7x PlankJack Run in place…high knees…butt kickers…high knees Alternating high plank and low plank for the reading of the Gettysburg Address   The thang:  On this day in 1863 Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address. If you don’t remember it from high school (which I […]

Hit Me!

Very quick BB from today’s festivities. Knope led five in EC speed work, with a focus on strength and flexibility to improve our running form. Good stuff. 9 of us gathered at 0531 (Q fail) for a standard warm-up, then moseyed to the field. THANG Bear crawl from endline to edge of 18 yard box, […]

BLIMPS and Sally a perfect combo

Warm Up: 31x SSH 10 x goodmornings Low granny Squat x 5 200m jog to loosen up 5x SLOW merkins   4 Pax joined up for some EC speed work on the big field. Then an FNG showed up either alittle late for EC or alot early for ME. Either way he fearlessly jumped into […]