Splitting the Gold…not quite

While the Olympians this year have nothing but each other to help motivate, cheer, and provide an occasional push; the PAX of F3 are very accustomed to this format.  Such was the case on this unseasonably cool August morning. Warmarama IW’s x 15 Chinooks x 15 each way SSH x 20 Harvester x 10 Burpees x […]

multiples of 11

It was a relatively cool morning for July, and 16 PAX showed up to celebrate YHC’s 33rd birthday on the 22nd of July. It seemed highly appropriate—indeed, it would have been a crime not—to theme the workout around 11’s and multiples thereof. We were especially pleased to have Houdini bring a friendly new kid from […]

The Deck of Mild Discomfort

Marked my 3-year plus 3-day F3 anniversary with a Q where it all began, Tobacco Road. TBH, didn’t think it was my best work. Not as challenging as one would have hoped, except for the handful of guys who really went for the boulders. Next time we do a strength-heavy workout of this nature, will […]

The Dice of Doom

Yesterday, we were all treated to an inspiring, virtue-laden Q at Kings Dominion by our very own Singlet. This included a round of choir singing and some personal affirmations. Today, YHC decided to explore the other side of that coin, namely vice (Not to be confused with our PAX Vice). The vice that was chosen […]

Long Lost Friends

With Covid restrictions loosening, YHC thought it was time to visit some old friends on the Tobacco trail. Making the trip with us was another long time friend and F3 vet, @Loonie.   Great to have him back with us.  10 LBAC’s & reverse 15 Hillbillies 15 SSH 10 WMH 15 Ski abs Mosey over […]

14 year burn

Today is YHC (& M)’s 14th wedding anniversary, so in the spirit of marriage he cooked up a challenging but rewarding workout with the number 14 prominently featured. We’re long past the 7 year itch…is 14 years a double itch? Or maybe a slow burn? Like anything in life (marriage included), with the workout you […]

Maxin’ Out With Max Power

YHC was overjoyed to learn that an FNG at Tobacco Road last week got named Max Power. He’s been crushing it ever since, but today was the first time we’d posted together. Sang him a few bars of the Max Power theme song upon arrival. It was a great moment for everyone. (PS – These […]

Happy Number 133

There was nothing too special to base the workout around today in history so YHQ decided to celebrate the fact that we were meeting up on the 133rd day of 2021.  In honor of this not so special day, we did 133 reps of a few simple and old school exercises.  Cosmo stirred up some […]

Life without Earth Day

Earth day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  This year, the Earth Day movement celebrates its 51st year of existence.  In honor and recognition of Earth Day, YHC decided to narrate the 10 exercises we’ll be performing through a scenario of what life would be like without the […]