Dora’s Cousin Cora

Ideal conditions for some classic TBL action. Pleased to have two FNGs with us. One had posted years ago back in Indiana, but had forgotten his F3 name. This factored into his new F3 name at the end. Both of the new PAX were game for everything laid in front of them and crushed their […]

Learned the Truth at 17

For the uninitiated, this explains the headline. Angst! Saturday was YHC’s 17th wedding anniversary, so decided to beat the 17 theme into the ground, running through a good quantity of F3 staples for the new guys and old hands alike. SSH X 17IC Imperial Walker X 17IC Hillbilly X 17IC Good Morning X 7IC Willie […]

May 1st – Relearning to crawl, walk, and run

YHC turned 47 today.  The weather was spectacular, it was the kind of sunny, cool spring morning that almost makes you forget a beat down is ensuing.   Being that it was a bday Q,  I took the opportunity to revisit how each of us started our lives by crawling first, then walking, followed by […]


This was YHC’s first time Q’ing a full one hour workout.  Naturally, there were some adjustments that needed to be made to past formulas and I found myself not only wondering what combination FITS, but also what FITS the TBL culture and expectations.  This got me thinking about the Core Values for my day job […]

Happy Trails, Ol’ Roy

Ol’ Roy dropped a dadgum bombshell this week by announcing his retirement after 18 years as head coach of the UNC men’s basketball team.     As a dyed-in-the-wool Carolina fan, I shared some of the frustrations with his seeming stubbornness. Like, play zone sometimes. And get your team hyped to play in the ACC […]

Keep It 101

16 PAX enjoyed the Cosmo undercard at TBL, prelude to the big-shindig-that-is-not-a-convergence next Saturday for the coronation of Teo as new Churham Nantan (Apache for “chief.”) 5 got in an EC run and one did an EC ruck. Appreciative that most heeded YHC’s request to be circled up at 0700, as the warmup included a […]

Old Blood and Guts

YHC probably should have been a little less cryptic in the pre-blast and made it clear that long sleeves and long pants were advisable for today’s TBL shenanigans. Alas, Pep and Scrooge showed up in shorts and suffered the consequences. A few battle scars can be a good thing, though, and Pep has already assured […]


YHC’s oldest 2.0 Houdini is not a stranger to Qing, most memorably burpeeing a bunch of old dudes into the ground on his 11th birthday last August at The Piranha. But it had been a minute, and he was itching to get back on the sheet. His first-ever post was at Thin Blue Line, a […]

41 and 2

Two years ago tomorrow, YHC showed up solo to Tobacco Road for a Kia-led beatdown that nearly led to a merlot toss. Floyd’s mumblechatter kept me distracted enough to fight through everything, and it was he who came up with Cosmo, a nod to my past life as a magazine editor. In the intervening two […]

Six Feet Apart

We got together to get stronger in many ways, all of which will be needed in the days ahead in our communities. We observed COVID-19 protocol for the entire time we were together: wear gloves, no physical contact, stay six feet apart at all times. It’s different, but it works! WARMUP:30 SSH10 harvesters10 imperial walkers10 […]