Taking it to the Streets

Take this message to my brother You will find him everywhere Wherever people live together Tied in poverty’s despair You, telling me the things you’re gonna do for me I ain’t blind and I don’t like what I think I see Takin’ it to the streets Warmarama Mosey lap, SSH, Imperial Walker, WMH, Merkins Taking […]


Ahhh, escalators. A simple, yet effect, means to get  and keep your heart pumping. To keep it real, we increased not only the number of exercises; we also increased the distance of the runs. We used a shared leadership model that require a PAX to count his exercise each time. Harbaugh had burpees, Flea had […]

Pyramids at Vortex

8 Pax showed up to build pyramids and broaden the base. Warm-up SSH Imperial Walkers Hillbillies Slow Merkins Willy Mays Hays Thang Partnered up to do shared sets of 20, 40, 60, and 40 of: Burpees Modified V-ups Air squats Merkins While partner was waiting, the other partner did either SSH, imperial walkers, hill billies, […]

Death Wish

Warmarama Mosey lap stopping at each corner for 10 reps of the following. Merkins IT Merkins and Squats IT Merkins IT, Squats IT, Imperial Walkers Merkins IT, Squats IT, Imperial Walkers, Burpees ME Charles Bronson is a simple routine named after an actor who made 5 movies called Death Wish, not to mention starring in […]


We had a posterior chain EC. TABATA, using 5lb bricks: Y, W, T, single leg dead lifts, curls, Superman rows Warmarama Lap, SSH, Seal Jacks, Smurf Jacks, Merkins, and Squats The Thang 10 Burpees a minute for 10 minutes. Sandcrawler- think Ricky Bobby, but the last PAX is the only one moving only one moving. […]

125, 154

Men are adverse to cardio. There, I said it. I’m no doctor, but I suspect there’s a direct correlation to heart disease being the leading cause of death for men. Topping the list of cardio to avoid is running. Yes- swimming is even worst, but as GOD gave us lungs that breath air instead of […]

Explosive VQ at Vortex

When YHC first joined F3 in 2018, he lived in downtown Durham and almost exclusively attended Durham AO’s. Since moving to the Meadowmont area last summer, YHC has been gradually exploring more Chapel Hill AO’s. This was his first visit to the Vortex, which is somewhat confusing and somewhat understandable. On the confusing hand, the Vortex […]

40 at Vortex

Fourteen PAX gathered at Vortex to help YHC celebrate his 40th with a bit of four-corners. They started with a warm up, which went something like this: 40 SSH 10 Imperial Walkers 10 Good Mornings 10 Willie Mays Hayes 10 LB Arm Circles / Reverse Fellowship Lap Then right to the ME, with 10 ea […]

Return of the Zach

Warmarama Mosey’d to the first corner; Seal claps & overhead claps. Mosey’d to the second; Imperial Walker & Hillbilly. Mosey’d to the third; Merkins & Squats. Mosey’d to the last; SSH. The Zach Technically, this Hero WOD is timed and doesn’t include any running, but this is the Vortex! We gonna get our steps! We […]

Dealer always wins

YHC was a little nervous about having the Q this morning because I hadn’t really exercised for a week +.  But spending mornings at the Vortex with a great group of PAX is always enjoyable. Warmup: SSH, WMH, IW, HB, ACs, MC, Slow merkin, and fellowship lap. The Thang: Blackjack PAX started on the endline […]