Carrot Farming

To keep from losing a bet and having to jump into chilly Jordan Lake in early March, Maraschino has been working hard to amp up attendance at The Thicket in February (and try to beat Paradise’s total numbers for the month.  Well it was effective today, with 25 PAX out in the gloom for the […]


Warm Up 1 lap, SSH, 5 penalty burpees, WMH, Slow Squat, Arm Circles, Seal Claps, Mtn Climbers 1 lap, deconstructed burpees with a tuck jump, 5 count in each position, 5 total The THANG Find a line in the parking lot, bear crawl to end of the line for 1 OHC IC, crawl bear back […]

The Thickstang

YHC was lucky enough to grab the last spot of 2020 on the Thicket Q sheet.  Having not Q’d many boot camp workouts or even posted all that much lately, for that matter, YHC planned today’s workout for the wrong AO which required some moseying (this was a lame joke that fell flat, or else […]

Brick House

Warm-Up Imperial Walkers Overhead/Seal Clap Combo Slow Squats Good Mornings Pax Choice   Main Event   Elevenses with Bricks. Brickees and Bus Drivers. Brickee: Like a Blockee, but with bricks.  Hold brick in each hand.  Drop down and do a burpee on the bricks.  Upon return to standing, overhead press bricks.  Bus Driver: Hold bricks […]

Competition Breeds Excellence

With the temperature dropping and in-person school starting, the fartsack was more inviting and minds were preoccupied this morning. Nevertheless, 10 PAX assembled at the Thicket and YHC pushed them to compete. WARMUP AC, IW, Squats, MC MAIN EVENT Ricky Bobby up to the basketball court. Merkin pyramid 1 … 10 … 1. Ricky Bobby […]

Fat Amy Workout

Another day, another Q I didnt know I had until about 12 hours in advance. Warm-O-Rama: 10 IC Windmills 15 IC SSH 10 IC Arm Circles/reverse 1o Slow Merkins 1o IC Willy Mayes hays The THANG: Fat Amy workout with some modifications from the original 50 Single Count Squats 10 burpees 40 core (20 LBCs […]

For my Generation Y brethren

I sit firmly in Generation X (Birth years: 1965 – 1981; 1973 for me), along with many PAX across Churham. But I’ve definitely noticed a surge in Generation Y PAX (Birth year 1981 – 1996), particularly here in BC over the past few years. I wanted to progress my punk-rock Qs from The Police (70s/80s), to […]

Follow the Arrows

YHC was honored to kick off mystery month at The Thicket. I was rewarded with 17 PAX including 2 FNGs! The BB was what you’ve come to expect from me: nothing fancy… just work. It did get interesting when I asked what time it was and thought I heard 6:15. Turns out they thought the […]

Tabata and the King of Pain

YHC arrived to find Chum lying flat on the pavement claiming to be stretching, h0wever, he looked quite dejected and sad about it.  Shortly thereafter Jingles showed up, which surprised the PAX and resulted in much mumblechatter about his morning routine which, as it turns out, involves a 4:15 alarm and ~20 minutes of staring […]

Wall of Jericho Part Trois at The Thicket

This Q was “borrowed” from Griswold, which was “borrowed” from Rambler, which was “borrowed” from Shake-It. Either way, its a good one and on this hot humid morning we could have fried eggs on the parking lot. Warm-O-Rama: 25 side shuffle hops 15 Chinooks (Overhead arm circle) 15 reverse Chinooks 10 slow Willy mayes hays […]