Skills and Talents

Nice and Humid at the Thicket this morning on this fantastic July morning. YHC arrived to see 2 PAX finishing EC and had just enough time to confirm the location of the new cinder block pile (thanks RG3!). I had my plan and was ready to go but as we did warm ups and YHC […]

You could’ve done this in a parking lot

A morning of perfect weather greeted the PAX. A bit humid but not too bad for June in North Carolina. No one did EC, but a strong group still showed up for YHC’s first time Qing back at the Thicket since the pandemic. It was a good mix of guys and it was awesome to […]

Shiny new cinderblocks

13 PAX showed up on a warm, muggy North Caroline morning ready to roll. Not sure why Ozzy Osbourne was on my mind last night but the PAX were treated to a medley of Ozzy’s hits this morning throughout the workout. Warmup  Michael Phelps x 10 IC Good Mornings x 10 IC Crazy Train Medley […]

Dora 2.0

I’m sure the PAX have long since tired of hearing YHC complain about Doras. The reason for those complaints are because the Dora excludes so many of the gloom’s benefits. Reps aren’t done together. There’s no opportunity for camaraderie nor quality mumblechatter. No one is there to pick up the six and encourage. Form and […]

Touchy Feely

YHC saw an opening for the upcoming Q the week before and decided to jump on it before someone else took it and YHC talked himself out of it. Had all weekend to prepare and preblasted Slack about the Touchy Feely theme to stir some PAX curiosity. 5 PAX for EC Murph Training & 3 […]

TheThicket Flag Enters Again

4 PAX came running in from some Murph training. 10 PAX circled up at 5:30 sharp to warm up with SSH, WMH, forward arm circles, reverse arm circles, seal claps and overhead claps. YHC had a plan for the day and was going to do some trivia about when TheThicket was started.  Quiz the current […]

Beware the Ides of March

4 for Murph training EC. Today begins YHC’s six days in a row of Qing.  Since it fell on 3/15, YHC thought it would make sense to educate the PAX on this notorious day. Warmup 44 SSH IC (foreshadowing) 11 IW (more foreshadowing 10 WMHs 15 Mountain Climbers IC 15 slow Merkins 15 slow squats […]


This weeks theme for my Q was going to be “combinations”. The thought was to try and combine our traditional exercises, try some new stuff, and see how it worked out. With an interesting pre-blast of an old school Combination Padlock, 19 PAX still showed up to see what YHC had in store. 5 PAX […]

Carrot Farming

To keep from losing a bet and having to jump into chilly Jordan Lake in early March, Maraschino has been working hard to amp up attendance at The Thicket in February (and try to beat Paradise’s total numbers for the month.  Well it was effective today, with 25 PAX out in the gloom for the […]


Warm Up 1 lap, SSH, 5 penalty burpees, WMH, Slow Squat, Arm Circles, Seal Claps, Mtn Climbers 1 lap, deconstructed burpees with a tuck jump, 5 count in each position, 5 total The THANG Find a line in the parking lot, bear crawl to end of the line for 1 OHC IC, crawl bear back […]