Outkicking My Coverage

Today is my MUCH better half’s 43rd birthday, so we did things in batches of 43. Nothing warms a lady’s heart like having a bunch of sweaty middle-aged strangers do burpees in a parking lot in her honor. Castaway and YHC got in a leisurely EC ruck while Loonie did EC kettlebells. WARMUP SSH X […]


Happy to see a big crowd out for YHC’s first Q at The King’s Dominion – an auspicious 23, the GOAT’s number. Doubtless many were drawn by the curiosity of seeing my twin brother, Pass/Fail, in the flesh. He was up here from Charlotte to attend the Canes game last night. Alas, didn’t go our […]

Hard Launch: The Grizzly

Today was the hard launch of The King’s Dominion.  We kicked off with a strong showing of 21 PAX, including a crew from Carpex!  Swamp addressed the group about the goal of the new site being focused on encouraging variety and inclusivity in every form.  Coupons, exercises, EC options, religion, and ethnicity. He then turned […]

Soft Launch: The King Cobra on Repeat

YHC and Swamp kicked off the soft launch for The King’s Dominion today with a thank you to the PAX who participated, linking the name of the site with the theme park Kings Dominion, and to expect themes related to this park and the rides it offers.  We quickly moved to warm ups after the […]