Record Breaking Territory

What a morning. Hooker Fields was the the place to be. All kids of gettin’ after it going on. ROTC, individual workouts, Blindside & Co, and of course the strong and loyal PAX (25 to be exact) who have made Tuesday mornings a habit for getting stronger, faster and some good doses of fellowship.  Backblasts […]

Timed Interval Ladder + Strides

After the SV Sunday Run YHC was chatting with Bushwood, Homes, and Pink about his upcoming Q at the Goat. There was a consensus that we hadn’t done an old school track workout in awhile. As much as we all love finding a steep hill and running up it a bunch of times, it was […]

5 Cent Deposit

F3 Churham on lockdown/hiatus. Qs were asked to submit a workout online for the PAX. Here be mine. WARM UP Lap (400M) SSH, x10, Cadence Seal Claps, x10 Cadence Sun Gods, F&R, x10 Single Leg Swings, F&R, x10 Single Legs Swings, Lateral, L&R, x10, Single Donkey Kicks (Hands & Knees, Single Leg Kick Backs), L&R, […]

Gimghoul Ladder

Warm – Up Two laps around Hooker Field Butt Kickers High Knees Light Stretching The Thang Run to Gimghoul neighborhood and run a ladder. The neighborhood is 0.75 mile loop and there are clear breaks to run a 400, 800 and 1600 Run 400 to end of Gimghoul and fellowship jog back to start. Repeat. […]

Progressively Faster

Another humid Chapel Hill morning. Felt even more muggy in the parking garage where we all assembled. 15 in total came out to tackle Churham’s hardest Tuesday workout, The Goat. Warm-Up:  2 Laps around Hooker Fields (needed the second so some stragglers could get a lap in) High knees Butt Kickers Frankensteins Progressive 1k Repeats […]

Ramp it Up

20 PAX including 2 FNG’s showed up on another humid morning with temperatures above 70 degrees. I promised we would find a few hills and we didn’t wait long to hit the first one. Warmup: 1 lap, SSH, Squats, Willie Mays Hayes, high knees, butt kickers The Thang: Mosey through the new soccer/lacrosse stadium to […]

5 K in a 10K

18 PAX showed up. We did this. 1.55 mile warmup down Laurel Hill including some Ricky Bobby Five 1K loops of the UNC Track warmup loop at accelerating pace 1.55 miles back up Laurel Hill to the AO


When it comes to running, two men loom large in my life. Coach Bacon and Coach Lynn. Coach Bacon was YHC’s high school football and track coach. He pushed hard and got more from us. In fact, after graduating from high school, he challenged YHC to walk on to a college track program. He used […]

Race and Recover

Numbers have been strong at the Goat in recent weeks. Today did not disappoint. Warm-Up: 2 Laps around Hooker Fields High knees Butt Kickers Frankensteins Knees to Chest Karaokes Timed Interval Ladder YHC wanted to keep us on the track today and work on our long distance pacing. YHC explained we would be doing an […]

Double Up on the Gloves

14 PAX assembled on the frozen tundra of Hooker Fields. YHC had requested PAX to come with headlamps and reflective gear. Time to get moving and get warm. Warm-Up: Lap around Hooker Fields High knees Butt Kickers Frankensteins Knees to Chest Intervals We ran 2 miles around the Hooker Field track. On the first mile, […]