Sticking to the plan

The weather forecast looked a bit hairy as YHC formulated the plan last night. To the point, where the workout itself was TBD awaiting the ok from The Falcon Kings Botched and OPEC. With that in mind, YHC mapped out a workout that would keep us mostly out of the elements while also hopefully provide […]

3 Rounds

Do you know what some bouts are 3 rounds while others are 5? Of course not, nobody does! Take boxing for example; Rounds are 3 minutes followed by 1 minutes to rest. This makes a 3 round fight all of 12 minutes if it goes to a decision. Adding 2 more rounds adds 8 minutes […]

Merkins, Ladders and a Liquor Store

17 PAX for a Falcon workout on the Friday before Halloween.  6 for EC and 10 for coffeeteria.  The coffeeteria crew consisted mostly of Starskys (always welcome), who worked out elsewhere which may not technically make them Starskys. Warm Up SSH x 25.  I’ve Q’d 50+ times in my 5 F3 years and always start […]

Exercising our right to Vote

There was an open spot on the Falcon Q Sheet a few weeks back, and YHC jumped on it.  YHC had a desire to focus on F3 this week and was committed to hit up 5 AOs this week.  Finished off the week with the friendly confines of the Falcon Extra Credit Man Makers with […]

Post-IPC life at The Falcon Begins

14 pax showed up to begin post-IPC life at The Falcon.  The weather has cooled and the dew is down, but we still got after it in the gloom.  Beano wasn’t there blaring his gigantic speaker, and there was nary a cinder block in sight.  Still, the men posted.  Programming called for minimal running and […]


  When the mid-week message was posted that the Q was open YHC jumped on it to close out the bookend Q for the week.  Kick off Q Monday at Devils Ridge and close out Friday Q at the gritty Falcon.  It doesn’t get much better. 6 mighty PAX knocked out MMEC and then 23 […]

Le Tour de Falcon

Mission of F3: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.   F3 workouts are: Free of charge Open to all men Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or […]

40s at the Falcon

Big turnout at the Falcon. 8 showed up early for EC man makers.  22 for ME Warm Up SSH x 25 Good morning x 10 Willie Mays Hayes x 10 Little Baby Arm Circles x10, then revers them Imperial walker x 15 Slow Merkins x 10 The Thang Fellowship jog, one lap around 40s – […]

The Deck

For July’s final Friday, YHC decided to bring back a favorite workout from his high school days: the dreaded deck of cards. Warm Up 10 reps of: side shuffle hop, good morning, windmill, overhead claps 5 reps of: burpee Mosey to the open field behind Jordan High. Since this was YHC’s virgin Falcon post, he […]

Pistols at Dawn!

Last week was YHC’s first Falcon post since F3 resumed. Good times as always. OPEC, that week’s Q, later posted the following on Slack: “We need a Q for next week and after that it looks pretty bare. For all The Falcon regulars and Cosmo, please find a time that works and get your name […]