We are not alone

YHC used to be an Eagle regular, but a change is work schedule has made it more difficult to start my week at one of Churham’s finest sites. Thankfully, the holidays allowed me to get back a couple of weeks ago and an abnormal Monday just happened to coincide with an open spot on the […]

This is my rifle…carry

3 PAX for EC 5K. 6 PAX joined YHC in the rainy gloom to celebrate 3 years of F3. In honor of this noteworthy and momentous occasion, YHC led the PAX on a trip around the sun in the spirit of THREE years. But just to make sure no one got lonely on the way, […]

Counting by 11’s

Yesterday, 11/22, was YHC’s M’s birthday. Often, PAX will celebrate their birthday Q’s with rep counts of their age.  As it is never polite to share a lady’s age, the PAX got to partake in a belated celebration of the M’s birthday date itself: 11/22. Nine PAX gathered in the gloom to get this party […]

Burpee Palooza

Warm Up SSH, Seal jacks, smurf jacks, imperial squat walker, 10 burpees OYO ME Mosey’d round to the front of the school. Half the pax used the wall for an AMRAP of LT step up, RT step up, bench squat, dips, derkins. 10 reps each. Timer was the other pax who ran the front loop. […]

Spider-man merkin suicides and a surprise

10 PAX met in the Monday gloom for a promise of side shuffle hops and the intrigue of what might come after. YHC sort of forgot about his Q until a helpful reminder yesterday (thank you Yurt!), but fret not oh ye faithful PAX. It takes but only a minute to cook up a full […]

Eagle Laps

Mission of F3: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.   F3 workouts are: Free of charge Open to all men Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or […]

Spider-Man Burpees

3 PAX for EC 5k and 13PAX for the ME.  YHC was excited to Q #theeagle because it is a great site and my last attempt got botched due to the lock-down.  Well with the party back on, YHC wanted to come up with something new to turn it up a bit.  Enter the Spider-Man […]

Tough but Gratifying

Father’s Day was yesterday, and YHC put out on Slack to come to his Q in the morning and figure out how the exercises had to do with Father’s Day. Well… turns out there wasn’t any real theme and YHC was hoping that someone else might be able to unify everything under one coherent concept. […]

Objective: Failure

I was taught in Strength & Conditioning class in high school that the objective of exercise was complete muscle failure.  Whether it was bench, squat, deadlift, pull-ups, etc, you push until you can’t get the weight up by yourself again, the spotter has to help on that last rep. Eleven PAX, including FNG “Mint Julep”, […]

18 and Life

It’s ACC Tourney week, so decided to make today’s theme 18 in honor of number of UNC’s ACC tournament titles. Obviously we Carolina fans are praying for a miracle 19 but probably ain’t in the cards. 18 is still a pretty good number, for tourney titles, burpees, etc., as 8 intrepid PAX found out. WARMUP-SSH […]