IPC2021 Mashup – The best of weeks 0-2

With IPC2021 concluding this week, YHC thought it would be motivating to look back on the past weeks challenges and create a mashup / best of / greatest hits beatdown.  For some it conjured up a little PTSD, for others it was a nice sampling of what the IPC is all about…You vs You and […]

Spider-Man Yurpees…Yup.

YHC completely forgot about his Q today. Which happens to all of us at some point or another. But, thanks to a subtle call out last night, YHC didn’t show up completely unprepared. Just mostly. 2 PAX started things off with an EC 5k and 15 PAX showed out for the ME. Let’s get this […]

Falcon Olympics

YHC has been watching the Olympic games a bunch this past week, and thought this might give a nice framework to a workout. No grab-ass or silly games though; YHC has realized the key to a successful themed workout is to never let the theme get in the way of a good beatdown. 5 PAX […]

Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth

YHC first posted 3 years ago today at Tobacco Road, which just happened to be my 39th birthday. Kia Q that almost made me spill merlot. That made it easy to remember the F3aversary. Not that I’d be likely to forget, given the tremendous positive impact F3 has had on my life. Was happy to […]

Hanging Around and Having an Ab-solute Blast!

YHC took some time off this weekend and mostly took it easy, got in a nap, and futzed around the house.  Also realized that I hadn’t done many pull-ups or much ab work in the past few days so decided to build a routine around them.  Here’s what YHC came up with:   Warmups: 10x […]

Come On, You Foxes!

The FA Cup is the oldest soccer tournament in the world, first played in 1872 and contested every year since with the exception of the years of WWI and WWII. In all that time, Leicester City Football Club had never won the tournament, despite appearing in the finals three previous times. That finally changed Saturday, […]

Back to School with Boucher at #TheEagle

YHC hasn’t been able to get to The Eagle very often since taking the reins as Kenan Co-Site-Q from Churham O.G. Shooter last summer.  Eagle Co-Site-Q Yurt was willing to do a Q-Swap and cover the concurrent Q at Kenan. Four PAX committed to an EC 5 K and Zika drove up from South Chapel […]

The Big Dance

4 PAX for an EC 5k and 14 PAX for the ME. Tclaps to Count Chocula on his first EC 5k jaunt! Well done Sir! YHC spent entirely too much time watching basketball over the last 72 hours and have come to the conclusion that I am no better at picking teams to win in […]


Warm Up 25 Side Shuffle Hops 12 Imperial Walkers 12 Good Mornings 10 Willie Mays Hayeses 20 Mountain Climbers The Thang Quick mosey to the basketball courts. Seven sets of exercises: 40 seconds of exercise, 20 seconds of rest between each move, 20 seconds of rest between each set Merkin-Jump Squat-Burpee-Jump Squat-Merkin Wide Grip Merkin-Step […]

We are not alone

YHC used to be an Eagle regular, but a change is work schedule has made it more difficult to start my week at one of Churham’s finest sites. Thankfully, the holidays allowed me to get back a couple of weeks ago and an abnormal Monday just happened to coincide with an open spot on the […]