Restaurants of our Youth

A bunch of PAX for EC Ruck. Didn’t get exact count but 4 continued for a ruck workout (Green acres, Maraschino, Uzi, Rambler) Warm-O-Rama: 1o IC Arm Circles 10 IC Arm Circles Reverse 10 IC Michael Phelps 10 IC Willy Mayes hayes 10 IC Cherry Pickers Mosey to lawn area by pool entry to help […]

Isometric Dora

It was a morning of firsts at The Big House. Joined by thirteen of the finest PAX in our neck of the woods, YHC posted to a Bootcamp workout, posted to the Big House, and was the QIC all for the first time ever (and no, YHC still does not know how he got signed up for […]

Escalate me later

YHC arrived at the AO to find Zook excitedly talking to Marky Mark about a Christmas gift for his son, which of course ended in a bunch of grumbling about how much money we’re spending on Christmas. Sigh. Then Spam rolled up for his first ever post at the Big House followed soon after my […]

Made it in F3 as long as Zook made it as head coach at Florida

It was cold this morning and although it was my 3 year anniversary I would not have been upset if I was the only PAX to show up so I could go home and go back to sleep. That’s not exactly how F3 works though and 11 Pax (I thought 12 for some reason or […]

After realizing today was Veterans Day, YHC abandoned plans to lead an Angels and Airwaves themed workout (sorry Marky Mark). God knows that honoring Veterans, particularly the PAX among us, is much more virtuous and worthy of our collective time and energy than YHC’s musical shenanigans. That is, of course, unless it’s the Police. 😀 […]

Youthful Indiscretion

  As the PAX crested their third hill sprint of the morning, they were hit with a familiar scent. What did it smell like? “Youthful indiscretion,” said Jingles. Seems some Briar Chapel residents were getting high on more than just life this morning. What followed were weed and fart tales, more indicative of the high […]

Clapping Our Way Through History

Warm-up SSH x 20 Imperial Walkers x 10 Good Mornings x10 Willie Mays Hayes X 10 FAC/RAC x 10   Main Event No real theme for the day besides some interesting facts about October 21st along the way.   Ricky Bobby from AO around circle and down GRP to 1st intersection. Our first fact here […]

Nothing worse than a Fair Weather Fan

I signed up for this one a while ago as a Birthday Q and was planning to do a lot of things with 11s – for no reason in particular – but then in the pre-blast Paper Jam called out my Ravens in a passive aggressive kind of way for their loss to the chiefs […]

NFL Deck of Death

Warmup: 10 Arm Circles Forward 10 Arm Circles Backwards 10 Slow Merkins (3 down – 1 up)   The Thang: Grab a deck of cards and get after it!   Number cards = that many reps Hearts=SC Squats Spades=SC Merkins Clubs=Burpees Diamonds=WW 2   J=20IC SSH Q=20IC Mtn Climbers K= 100 yd Bernie Sanders A= […]


YHC had no idea what to do for the Q today. Thanks to Paper Jam and the pre-blast for the Jorts Theme. My 2.0 Skyler helped me plan this out so all praise and complaints go to him. Warm-O-Rama: 1o IC Willy Mayes hays 10 Calf Stretch Each Leg 1o Slow Merkins 10 IC Arm […]