Getting Reacquainted with Forest Hills

YHC hadn’t been to The Big Dance in 2020…Saw the Q Sheet was open and grabbed it.  Having moved ostensibly further from TBD, driving a new way, YHC got there in plenty of time for the 5:30 a.m. start…and then no one else was there.  Waited a few minutes…was it something YHC said on slack?  […]

A Full Deck

Warm-Up SSH x30 IW x12 LBAC+Reverse x12 Good Mornings x10 WMH x10 5 Burpees OYO   The Thang Worked through four sets of 13 exercises for the full 52. Each round the PAX chose a different exercise for each suit, while maintaining the theme of Hearts=cardio, Diamonds=some type of merkin, Spades=some type of squat, Clubs=something […]

Prodigal Son

Way back in summer and early fall of 2018, YHC was a quasi-regular at The Big Dance, an awesome site with lots of variety to offer. Then The Piranha opened in October 2018 about 1.5 miles from my house aaaand… hadn’t been back to The Big Dance since. So it was good to revisit the […]

Embrace the suck

4 PAX for the ME and 1 lonely PAX who got up too early and did a little recon EC for the Q.  YHC was glad to be back at TBD after a long hiatus, and just love this site for so many reasons.  After a week off at the coast, YHC was not too […]

10 PAX of Christmas + Secret Santa

‘Twas the morn before ChristmasWhen ten fearless PAXwere def’nitely NOT nestledall snug in fartsacks.Nine of them droveand one of them ranand all of them braveright down to the man. WARM UPPlank Jacks x 24 ICMountain Climbers x 24 ICElf Jacks x 24 ICWindmills x 10 ICHarvesters x 10 ICWillie Mays Hayes x 10 ICLil’ Baby […]

2nd Times a Charm

On January 15 of this year I Q’d The Big Dance. It was my second site on my Global Post Challenge. We had a near miss with a Tesla during a round of Burp Back Mountain. Today was my second Q there. I came fully equipped with runners reflective strips, a head lamp, and all […]

Back and Forth

YHC was excited to Q his old Tuesday regular AO. Was struggling for a little bit of inspiration…and couldn’t get the idea of “back and forth” out of his mind…and got some encouragement to use animal movements by one of his daughters…Given it was 10/29, we were going to wok that into things as well. […]


Warm-Up SSH x30 5 burpees OYO Good Morning x10 LBAC (and reverse) x15 WMH x10 Slow Merkins x10 The Thang To the tennis courts! A series of boomerangs. One partner runs while the other conveys themselves across the courts. The runner turns around and switches with their partner, back-and-forth until both reach the end. Group […]


Elf had a nice Q at House of Pain a few weeks back, so I’m stealing it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Warm-UpSSH 20xImperial Walker x20LBAC x12, Reverse x125 burpees OYOWMH x10 The ThangNo steel at The Big Dance, so we’re grinding through some bodyweight exercises. Assembled into groups of three: one PAX […]

A Birthday on Murder Hill

YHC celebrated 480 months of life this morning. Due to the occasion pain is in order. Warm up – 40 SSH, 40 Arm Circles, 10 WMH The Thang – Mozy to Murder Hill. Banana Split educated the PAX along the way about the Peterson Murder, which took place in the house at the top of […]