4 Years of TBR

Today was the 4 year anniversary of the launch of the Battering Ram. YHC was blessed enough to attend the maiden workout back in 2017. In fact, Bump Draft did a lot of work behind the scenes to organize the Q’s for EC and the ME.   Night Shift led a group of 9 through […]

Birthday BOMBS

The final Q of YHC’s Birthday week at one of the best AOs in all the land. Warm up with a mix of burpees and the usual stuff. Broke the 18 PAX into 3 groups with a team lead for each to help keep everyone physically distanced and organized as the group travelled across campus. […]

3 ALARM Fire

Warm Up SSH, 10 burpees OYO, WMH, squats, inch worm Merkins, control freak burpos The 3 ALARMs Pax rotated through 3 stations, each with 12 minutes of work. AMRAP 20ct each exercise ALARM 1 = Shoulder Press, Lunges IC, LBC, Run, Merkin ALARM 2 = Dry Docks, Air Drama, Mountain Climbers IC, Run, Merkin Jacks […]

Just Work

Nothing fancy… that’s what I’m known for. Thankful to see 17 pax this AM, including 6 for EC and 16 for coffeteria! EC 30 minute run including a trip on Lone Pine. 30 minute COW with battle rope, curls, rows, arm circles, clean ‘n press, and clean ‘n snatch. Warm Up SSH, seal jacks, smurf […]

The Longest Mile

EC 50 SSH, 40 squats, 30 LBCs, 20 Merkins, 10 Burpess, run 400m. Repeat 3 times. Ran stairs at the soccer field with 10 merkins at the top. Finished it out with 5 trips up and down with 10 burpees at the top each time. Warm Up SSH, run 100m, slow merkins, run 100m, hillbilly, […]

Make Your Bed

Have you ever heard it said you should make your bed when you get up? Not by your mom when you were a child, but as an adult? If you make your bed in the morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, […]

Burpees for Dollars

Burpees for Dollars benefiting Chatham Habitat for Humanity. In place of a Covid cancelled work day for Chatham Habitat, we took over TBR and pledged $ for total burpees completed. Donations: https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/ChathamHabitatforHumanity/Burpees.html Warmup SSH x 20 IC Willie Mays Hays x 10 IC Imperial Walkers x 15 IC Forward Arm Circles x 10 IC Revers […]

Heart Rate Stress Test

Warm Up: 23x SSH Warmup lap around the field with: High knees, butt kickers, backwards run, high skips and an accelerator 5x warm up burpees 10x merkins 15x mountain climbers 10x merkins 15x Plankjacks The thang:  5 PAX joined up for the best EC that churham has to offer on Saturday morning.  The group took […]


Warm Up SSH, windmill, tempo merkins & squats. 20 burpees OYO for Palmolive and Hips(FNG) tardiness. ME Mosey’d Country  Club to Raleigh to South to Fetzer gym. TABATA box jumps split squat rt Split squat lt wall squats Derkins Dips Erkins 90 degree hold Mosey’d back to the field. Partner up for Stink BOMBS. Runs […]

New Year, Same Story

Warm Up SSH, Hillbilly, Slow Squats, Slow Merkins ME Burpee Mile Lt. Dan Ladder up to and down from 12 squats 10 Daft Punks Bear Crawl down Shooter’s Hill ATMs Flutters 20 IC Crawl Bear up Shooter’s Hill Dealers Choice: PAX called an exercise for the rest then ran down and up as the timer. […]