Just Warming Up

Typically, F3 workouts begin with a warm up with arm circle, SSH, Merkins, etc. Typical is boring. We skipped right to the fun this morning. Bear in a Box lead right into the Longest Mile. Kinda hard to tell where the warm up ended and the main event began. Warm Up Bears…in a Box 5 […]

Leave It All on the Field

When I began posting regularly, I did not post on the weekend. I said “that’s my time!” Now I do every chance I have, because that’s my time! I began frequenting TBR in 2017 when average attendance might have been 7. Fast forward and average attendance is at 20, there an hour EC, and a […]

Better One Week Late Than Never

YHC was supposed to have the Q at TBR last week but ended up in COVID-19 quarantine.  Fortunately, Soybean picked up the Q last week for me and–through a series of switcheroo’s–I was able to pick up the Q today.  Sciatica pain has limited my running so today’s plan was to stay on Hooker Field […]

Can I Kick It? (Yes, You Can)

Can I kick it? If we’re being honest with ourselves, every man asks this question of himself – daily. Can I kick — at my job? Can I be a kick-__ husband, dad, son, brother, friend? Can I kick it (aka keep up / prove I’ve still got ‘it’) with the PAX in the gloom? […]

The Last Annual Centenarian Games

“Well, if it’s gonna be dark the whole time anyway, let’s do some EC.”–Bonsai (2.0) 11 for EC, which included stair running led by Cardiac and some intimacy with blocks and bricks.  Penalty for setting blocks and bricks was a blockee. Before the start of ME, TBR Co-Site Q Bump Draft presented Uzi and YHC with […]

4 Years of TBR

Today was the 4 year anniversary of the launch of the Battering Ram. YHC was blessed enough to attend the maiden workout back in 2017. In fact, Bump Draft did a lot of work behind the scenes to organize the Q’s for EC and the ME.   Night Shift led a group of 9 through […]

Birthday BOMBS

The final Q of YHC’s Birthday week at one of the best AOs in all the land. Warm up with a mix of burpees and the usual stuff. Broke the 18 PAX into 3 groups with a team lead for each to help keep everyone physically distanced and organized as the group travelled across campus. […]

3 ALARM Fire

Warm Up SSH, 10 burpees OYO, WMH, squats, inch worm Merkins, control freak burpos The 3 ALARMs Pax rotated through 3 stations, each with 12 minutes of work. AMRAP 20ct each exercise ALARM 1 = Shoulder Press, Lunges IC, LBC, Run, Merkin ALARM 2 = Dry Docks, Air Drama, Mountain Climbers IC, Run, Merkin Jacks […]

Just Work

Nothing fancy… that’s what I’m known for. Thankful to see 17 pax this AM, including 6 for EC and 16 for coffeteria! EC 30 minute run including a trip on Lone Pine. 30 minute COW with battle rope, curls, rows, arm circles, clean ‘n press, and clean ‘n snatch. Warm Up SSH, seal jacks, smurf […]

The Longest Mile

EC 50 SSH, 40 squats, 30 LBCs, 20 Merkins, 10 Burpess, run 400m. Repeat 3 times. Ran stairs at the soccer field with 10 merkins at the top. Finished it out with 5 trips up and down with 10 burpees at the top each time. Warm Up SSH, run 100m, slow merkins, run 100m, hillbilly, […]