Paying homage to the inimitable, Dean Smith – Four Corners!

It is always an honor to lead at #rameses – today was no exception. 22 PAX –  a solid showing for our nod to one of the greatest men to impact the University of North Carolina – Coach Dean Smith. Warm-up: SSH x 20 Good Morning x 5 Arm Circles x 10 WMH x 10 […]

Celebrating Inauguration Day at Rameses

YHC was able to squeeze onto the Q Sheet at Rameses, which is always such an honor.  YHC swapped out Qs with Subprime as there was a hastily re-scheduled Men’s Basketball game with Syracuse last week and the new date happened to fall on Inauguration Day…Botched pointed out that YHC also Q’d Voting Day – […]

Running and Reps as Promised

Champ reached out to YHC a while back to see if I could Q during my winter break from school. YHC jumped at the chance to visit an old stomping ground, reacquaint with some PAX, and Q the site for the first time since March 2019. Warm-Up SSH x25 (lead by Phibs b/c YHC was […]

12 Days of Q-mas

YHC was excited to bring some holiday spirit to #Rameses this morning, given that there are only 2 days left until Christmas. What might YHC deliver for Christmas goodies? A high tempo beatdown ripped off from inspired by the structure of “The 12 Days of Christmas.”  PAX also got to enjoy the following playlist to […]

The Only Way is Forward

11 gathered, ice and cold rain promise notwithstanding.  We had neither, only some refreshing spray in the gloom. The Stoics warn to avoid faith in anything you cannot control.  The weather is a good example.  What can you control?  How you react to the weather, of course. So in essence it is the only thing […]

THWM Variety Pack

4 scampered through campus for an EC 5K and 20 showed up for showtime.  Many lingered after for coffee with pumpkin spice oat/coconut/almond milk creamer courtesy of site Q extraordinaire, Champ.  Welcome FNG Icy Hot, who dodged quite a few bullets this morning being from Missouri and working with Cheesesplint.  Note: do not do this […]

Trippin’ on Tar Heel Warrior Mountain

Does it get any better than Rameses!? – so many toys…YHC was feeling angry about all of the recent events in the Churham – not at anyone in particular – and maybe everyone with the impacts of this terrible pandemic…YHC is acutely aware of the privilege enjoyed…and as it were, of the opportunity to express […]

THWM Suicides and Ark Loader Escalator

18 pax posted on a humid mid-August morning for a workout designed to go hard, reward winners with rest, and hit some cardio alongside some strength work. 2 minute max merkin. Mosey to bottom of THWM. THWM suicide (first gate and back, second gate and back, top of parking lot and back) THWM ark loader […]

A trip down memory lane

Lots of good memories over 5+ years of F3.  So YHC decided to reach back in the files and dust off a few memorable moments from some campus locations. Warm-up Old School mosey up to the church lot with arms out the whole way – shout out to Avalanche. IW x 10 HB x 10 […]

Dora the Destroyer

EC – Posterior Chain Circuits 10 IC Inverted rows 10 tempo count Inverted rows 10 tempo count Single Leg deadlifts(each leg) 10 alt step back lunges 10 tempo count Superman repeat Warm Up Dry docks, Merkins, LBCs, squats, and  SSH. His down the the sidewalk and back. ME Paired up Dora style. P1  short run […]