Ovals, Rings, and Other Things

Warm Up SSH x 30 GM X 10 WMH X 12 Harvester x 10 Arm Circles forward and reverse X 12 Slow Merkin X 10 The Thang Mosey to the track with a few buttkickers and high knees along the way. The PAX ran 1 mile around the track. Each lap we stopped every 100m […]

Every Minute Counts

Warm Up SSH x 30 Harvester x 10 WMH X 10 Imperial Walker X 12 LBACs X 12 forward and reverse   The Thang Mosey to the back of the school. The format of the workout was 4 rounds of EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute). Each round consisted of two exercises. The first exercise […]

Burpees on the bumps

8 PAX assembled for some movement and work at Riverside High School.  YHC has not Q’ed in a while, so I was happy to take the helm.  Fun was had by all.   Warmup SSH x 37 as PAX assembled 5 penalty burpees b/c Shake It’s M parked in front of him WMH x 10 […]

#JR 100 Meter Runs and Corner Work

8 PAX showed up for some track work. The humidity was rough but we powered through. Warmup SSH Wille Mays Hayes Good morning Little baby arm circles Slow merkins (Thanks to Magellan for helping me count) Mosey to the track.   The Thang YHC was going through the back blasts to get some inspiration on […]

Legend-ary Return

8 PAX for another humid Monday morning in North Durham. YHC was glad to see so many HCs the night before, specifically one from Larry Legend, who had been on the IR since last year. A few weeks back YHC had spotted some runners using the track at Riverside and noticed how they used a […]

Suicide Ladders

Temperatures finally dropped back into the 60s for some early morning exercise. Not a lot of chatter on the channel the night before, but thankfully Magellan and Trees would join YHC in the gloom. Warm-Up (in cadence) SSH x25 WMH x10 Seal Jacks x20 Slow lunges x10 (5 on each side) The Thang: Suicide Ladders […]

R E S P E C T, finally…

Early on a crisp and vigorous Monday morning, the PAX rolled in slowly one by one. Some were still sleepy, a few stayed home (not to name names Carlton and Green Egg but we know fatherhood is a demanding gig and often a convenient excuse when the alarm sounds), one was late and had to […]

The Triple Pyramid

7 PAX showed up at 0530 at Riverside to start the work week off right. Warm-Up (in cadence) SSH x25 Harvesters x10 Side to Side Harvester x10 Overhead Clap x15 Seal Clap x15 The Thang We moseyed to the back of the school and on to the practice field. YHC informed the group we were […]

1917 Stairs

We met up on Presidents Day and reviewed the history of the holiday (Southern states refuse to observe it because they are still mad at Abe Lincoln, thanks guys). We then proceeded to shred. WARMUP: 20 SSH10 Imperial Walkers10 Willie Mays Hayes10 Harvesters10 slow merkins20 body-weight squats10 Little Baby Arm Circles12 Reverse little baby circles […]

The Walls of Riverside

Winter finally arrived, only a month late. A nice balmy 25 degrees greeted 3 PAX this morning. Warm-Up SSH x20 Good mornings x10 WMH x10 The Thang YHC lead the PAX over to the front of the school. Today we were going to do the Walls of Jericho workout from the lexicon. The premise of […]