10 Minute EMOMs

Another hot and humid morning in North Durham. 10 PAX arrived in the gloom to sharpen one another.   Warm-Up SSH x25 (CC) Harvester x10 (CC) Merkins x20 (SC) Mountain Climbers x10 (CC) Alternating Shoulder Taps x10 (CC) Side to Side line jumps for 1 minute Front to Back line jumps for 1 minute Plank […]

Fitness Ain’t No Picnic

Warm Up SSH x 30 Harvester x 15 WMH X 12 Windmill X 12 Air Squat X 10  Slow Merkin X 10 Pulse Lunge X 15 per leg 10 burpees for the tardy   The Thang At my last post at Jolly Roger YHC took note of how many picnic tables are distributed around the […]

Rain Adjustment

If you look at your phone before F3 sometimes – it says that there’s going to be lightning and a ton of rain and probably flooding and you’re going to die. Then on the drive to F3 (no matter how short or long) it feels like it’s dumping rain and you’re going to be soaked […]

Hitting the Wall

Warm-Up: Side Shuffle Hop – 30 Cadence Windmill – 10 Cadence Willy Mays Hays – 10 Cadence Little Baby Arm Circles – 10 Cadence Imperial Walkers – 10 Cadence Merkins – 5 Slow Count Squats – 5 Slow Count Burpees – 5 Slow Count The Thang: Jog to the back with 10 burpees at each […]

After some mixup and confusion on the status of a Q, it was settled that YHC would get to Guest Q before leaving town to head back to the Seattle Region. Shoutout to Sodapopinski for the audible and graciously moving (being moved?) to next week. With a last minute decision to Q at a site […]

Basketball Glory Days with Ladders and Suicides

YHC decided it was time to put nerves aside and host his VQ.  YHC grew up playing basketball (shocker i know.  Someone who loves fire and played sports, rare combination) and decided that a basketball themed VQ would be the best and most comfortable.  When would be a better time than the morning of the […]


6 PAX gathered at Riverside High to get the week started off correct. YHC left his home as the rain started to really come down, and by the time YHC got to Jolly Roger, the rain had petered out and we had a nice wet adventure ahead. 0530 hit, no typical late North Durham traffic, we […]

Introducing… Jack Webb

A little rain overnight, but luckily no precipitation during the workout. 8 PAX joined YHC in the gloom for a belated birthday celebration.   Warm-Up SSH x34 BWS x10 WMH x10 Seal Claps x10 Overhead Claps x10   Quick mosey to the front entrance of Riverside.   Jack Webb Pyramid For the first evolution of […]

Farewell 2020

Maybe it was the holiday season, maybe it was the 0600 start time, or maybe it’s because YHC had the Q, but only 2 PAX joined YHC for the last Jolly Roger of 2020.   Warm-Up SSH x25 Good mornings x10 WMH x10 Slow Merkins x15 Plank Jacks x10 Mountain Climbers x10   We moseyed […]

Dropping B.O.M.B.S.

A number of fist bumps on the channel last night which YHC took to be HCs. Unfortunately, none of those guys showed up. YHC was relieved that Uncle Phil took himself off the IR and posted this morning, so it didn’t turn into a solo Q. Uncle Phil and YHC immediately made our way to […]