6 PAX gathered at Riverside High to get the week started off correct. YHC left his home as the rain started to really come down, and by the time YHC got to Jolly Roger, the rain had petered out and we had a nice wet adventure ahead. 0530 hit, no typical late North Durham traffic, we […]

Introducing… Jack Webb

A little rain overnight, but luckily no precipitation during the workout. 8 PAX joined YHC in the gloom for a belated birthday celebration.   Warm-Up SSH x34 BWS x10 WMH x10 Seal Claps x10 Overhead Claps x10   Quick mosey to the front entrance of Riverside.   Jack Webb Pyramid For the first evolution of […]

Farewell 2020

Maybe it was the holiday season, maybe it was the 0600 start time, or maybe it’s because YHC had the Q, but only 2 PAX joined YHC for the last Jolly Roger of 2020.   Warm-Up SSH x25 Good mornings x10 WMH x10 Slow Merkins x15 Plank Jacks x10 Mountain Climbers x10   We moseyed […]

Dropping B.O.M.B.S.

A number of fist bumps on the channel last night which YHC took to be HCs. Unfortunately, none of those guys showed up. YHC was relieved that Uncle Phil took himself off the IR and posted this morning, so it didn’t turn into a solo Q. Uncle Phil and YHC immediately made our way to […]

WOD Mashup

Nice brisk morning in Northern Durham. 7 PAX answered the call for a coupon WOD and got a little bit stronger. Warm-Up: SSH x25 Harvesters x10 Overhead Claps x10 Seal Claps x10 Squats x10 Brad Harper WOD (modified) The goal was to do 5 rounds of: 18 kettlebell swings 13 burpees 20 thrusters Sprint […]

Build-A-Plank Workshop

Another Labor Day, another convergence between Devil’s Ridge and Jolly Roger. YHC showed up early to get in an EC run, and 11 additional PAX would join me for a cool morning in September.   Warm-Up SSH x30 10 penalty burpees for Misery’s tardiness. All other tardies were excused. LBAC x10 forward, x12 reverse Willie […]

Tater Comes Out of Hibernation

64 degrees!! It was about time the temperature dropped to something reasonable. YHC and Dial Up celebrated the dip by doing a little bit of track work for EC. We did 400 meter repeats with 400 meter recoveries. YHC gave notice the day before that today’s workout would involve a coupon, so bring one if […]