Lot of hate coming YHC’s way after I fartsacked Jolly Roger on Monday. Soda had even talked about taking a group of Northerners down to House of Pain out of protest. Instead, they parked in the back of the school, and showed up late to the warm-up to try to get YHC to believe they […]

80’s Movie Nostalgia With Some Running

Warm up: SSH Good morning Willie Mayes Hayes Arm Circles/Reverse Slow Merkins   The Thang: It’s been a while since YHC’s last Q at Hurricanrana. I decided to pull a Q I did a couple of years ago back out. Luckily, today was much warmer than the last time I used the Q. If I […]


A great morning with a really solid turnout. King LL brought out FNG Suede Bagel. In a rarely seen move Blanch brought out a FNG (Jack Squat) but Jack Squat showed up on time while Blanch rolled in 20min late. Speaking of late, YHC did not start his watch on time and was tracking elapsed […]

Pick a Space

Warm-Up: Side Shuffle Hop – 30 Cadence Windmill – 10 Cadence Willy Mays Hays – 10 Cadence Little Baby Arm Circles – 10 Cadence Imperial Walkers – 10 Cadence Hillbilly – 10 Cadence Merkins – 5 Slow Count Squats – 5 Slow Count Burpees – 5 Slow Count The Thang: Everyone pick a parking space.  […]

Keeping It Simple

Keep it simple – merkins, burpess, squats. You don’t need much else on top of that. Noted visitor from F3 Pittsburgh was there when YHC arrived at 520. You can tell when we have a guest because they are on time. Belding of F3 Pittsburgh (in his Heinz Mustard Yellow F3 shirt – go Ravens) […]

Eye of the Tiger

Warm-Up: Side Shuffle Hop – 30 Cadence Cross Jacks – 20 Cadence Windmill – 10 Cadence Willy Mays Hays – 10 Cadence The Thang: Eye of the Tiger: We all pretended to jump rope to Eye of the Tiger.  We had an occasional double-under mixed in with a burpee every time Suvivor sang “The Eye […]

Working our way to the Yurpee Triple Triple

5 for EC CoW courtesy of Shakeit and 13PAX for the ME to see what YHC had up his sleeve. YHC braved the long (read: maybe 5 more minutes outside my normal radius) drive up north to see what all the fuss was about. So glad I did! Y’all need to get up here if […]

Tater Special – Favorite F3 Things

Four PAX met at 0510(ish) for a CoW – Circle of Weights Extra Credit (BYOlb) tclaps to Shake It, Chowdah, Magellan, and Spot for both showing up early and continuing to work through the peanut gallery that amassed as we drew close to 0531 (Durham Time). It’s a beautiful day north of I-85 in the […]

Running Circles around 2020

Warm Up SSH x 20 Harvester x 10 Imperial Walker X 12 LBACs X 12 forward and reverse Slow Merkin X 10 The Thang The PAX got their heart rates up by starting with some parking lot tracers. We traced ½ the width of the lot in one direction, then did buttkickers for the remaining […]

The Balance of Power

YHC, like many of you, woke up and immediately checked my cell phone for results from Tuesday’s elections. As anticipated, things were still undecided. Many Senate races are still up in the air, Congressional battles undecided, and of course still waiting for one of the Presidential candidates to hit 270. YHC decided to base the […]