Modifed Q at House of Pain

YHC saw Yunus’ call for a Q and jumped on it.  With the Greek Freak and the Milwaukee Bucks on the verge of winning their 1st Championship in 50 years, YHC chose to watch history and Giannis’ 50 points live…was confident the alarm would do it’s job…but alas YHC woke up at 5:40 and hustled […]

Full House

18 PAX 6 for EC 5K Run Warm Up SSH x 25 Little Baby Arm circles x 10, reverse Willie Mays Hayes x 10 Good morning x 10 Imperial Walker x 10 Slow Merkins x 10 The Thang 3 Thangs Escalator Run up the parking lot, stopping at first four islands for: Burpees x 10 […]

The FUN-damentals of the Tobacco Road Rivalry

A common phrase for many in F3 is Iron Sharpens Iron.  This concept can certainly apply to the rivalry between Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  When we think of these two elite social, educational and service institutions, it seems as if they have always been the juggernauts they currently […]

All the Work, with None of the Steel

Warmarama served multiple purposes this morning. In addition to get us warm, we used it to review proper form and the 5 things required of a F3 beat down. 10 penalty burpees were issued each time we got one wrong. For the record the before mentioned requirements are: 1. Free of Charge 2. Open to […]

Steel Standing

Made the PAX a promise prior to warm-up: we would do zero burpees, zero merkins, zero running. Lord knows we do enough of those at any given F3 workout. Thought we would mix it up and take full advantage of that signature staple of HOP, the steel pile. Glad to see newly minted FNGs Managu […]

Can You Tell a Green Field From a Cold Steel Rail?

House of Pain is one of YHC’s favorite sites, so it’s always a privilege to lead here. Yunus, Crab Cake and Sweatervest got in an EC 5K, then a half dozen intrepid PAX got ready for a n0-frills beatdown that made liberal use of the signature feature of HOP, the cold steel rails. (T-claps to […]

A Leg and A Leg and A Leg

By way of explaining the headline… Hadn’t been to House of Pain in a minute, as a bunch of us in South Durham had taken to getting in ruck miles on Wednesday morning. Now that our Cloverleaf ruck event has come and gone, time to start regular posts on Wednesdays. House of Pain – between […]

Cold Steel

YHC had the Q on a crisp November morning, the day before Thanksgiving.  10 PAX showed up ready to roll, 3 PAX for EC 5K run Warm Up SSH x 25 Good morning x 10 Little Baby Arm Circles x 10, Reverse Willie Mays Hayes x 10 Imperial Walker x 15 Fellowship jog one lap […]

Building Burpees and Travelling With Them

House of Pain Site Q Yunus put the call out for a Q and YHC jumped on the opportunity as it’s been a while since Qing at House of Pain. YHC put the call out for an EC 5K – having heard all of the great Slack Mumble chatter by the likes of 2Ply, Elf, […]

HOP Chipper

21 PAX met in the gloom for the ME with 6 PAX getting their legs warm with some 5k EC action. YHC wanted to drum up a classic HOP beatdown that incorporated the steel while hitting all the major areas. So….we did just that.  Let’s get to work! Warmup: SSH IC x20 Willie Mays Hayes […]