Shhh, it’s a Sleepy Waterstone we Tread

Keep it simple, stoopid. YHC has a knack for running out of time and having to modify Qs. This perfect, mid-60s morning showed us that taking our time, letting it unfold, watching the PAX, makes for a well-paced Monday morning. Warm up Plank Jack x 20 Johnny Drama x 20 Slow Squat x 15 Imperial Walker […]

12 Year Anniversary Celebration

YHC signed up to Q with extra gusto. Today’s theme would be easy as I just celebrated 12 years of marriage and wanted to share the memories with the Pax. The M was slightly concerned of this plan but I assured her we would just be sharing appropriate details and with that here was the […]

Bringing the Funk to the Skunk

At Elf’s urging, YHC traveled north to Hillsborough for a Northern Province Q. Warm Up SSH x 25 Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 Reverse them.  Always reverse them Willie Mays Hayes x 10 Good Morning x 10 Imperial Walker x 20 Harvester x 10 Slow Merkins x 10 The Thang Take off, eh!  Jog […]

92% Humidity

Warm-up: SSH WMH Good mornings LBAC Annie Slow squats   The Thang: Ricky Bobby to farmers market pavilion Part 1: 25 Johnny dramas then lunge walk the length of pavilion 25 squats then lunge walk length of the pavillion Butt kickers down and back Part 2: Mosey to board of elections parking lot Absolution x […]

Morning Dew

I always enjoy visiting the north country and hanging with the PAX from Hillsborough so when Halfback put out the call for people to step up and Q The Rock, I jumped at the chance. Warm Up: SSH, WMH, IW, HB, ACs, OC, MC, PP, Slow merkin Mosey to parking lot near the playground for […]

Picking Poisons

YHC usually plans too much, and the work never gets finished, so a loose structure gave way to a good all-around. Plus, YHC has trouble sleeping when he plans late at night. Paperboy mentioned he was bringing an FNG, and so a lighter version of the workout ensued. It was great to see the return […]

Monday Muscle Muddler

No takers for the open Q sheet, so YHC promised to punish, and punish he did. Featuring Bernie’s Hell Ride, which is a Bernie Sanders while pulling a block up the hill with a piece of rope, the fellas were eerily quiet as YHC doled out a Q worthy of Muscle Beach. We got Swolllllll!!!! […]

Modes of travel

Warm up: SSH (IC) x 15 WMH x 10 Michael Phelps x10 Port a John Chinooks x10 The Thang Moser to Durham Tech stopping at each intersection for: 5 merkins 5 plank jacks (IC) 5 squats Modes of travel between parking lot islands at the back lot including: Bear crawl Crawl bear Bunny hop Gorilla […]

Modified Nolan Richardson

Modified Nolan Richardson Warm up SSH (IC) WMH Seal claps Overhead claps Rock like for Rocks otherwise rifle carry blocks to bottom of parking lot Partner up – cumulative reps Partner 1 : backward run to colorful parking spot (~50yards) one Bobby Hurley then return and flapjack Partner 2: cumulative reps of the following 150 […]

An Old Favorite: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

6 Pax joined YHC for some rainy, Friday morning fun at Duck and Weave. YHC returned to an old favorite, the Paula Abdul, in a desire to stay dry. Turns out, it didn’t matter – we still got wet. Warm Up SSH Imperial Walkers Willie Mayes Hayes Arm Circles Slow squat Overhead Clap Slow Merkins […]