Recovery Burpees

YHC arrived early to find Gordo stretching and Botched/Soybean coming in from a 5k EC run.  We joked about the recovery burpees towards the end after being pretty gassed on those sequences.  Good work by all today! WARM UP: SSH x 37 10 IC Merkins WMH x 10 IW x 10 Arm Circles   Mosey […]

Exercising our right to Vote

There was an open spot on the Falcon Q Sheet a few weeks back, and YHC jumped on it.  YHC had a desire to focus on F3 this week and was committed to hit up 5 AOs this week.  Finished off the week with the friendly confines of the Falcon Extra Credit Man Makers with […]

Getting Reacquainted with Forest Hills

YHC hadn’t been to The Big Dance in 2020…Saw the Q Sheet was open and grabbed it.  Having moved ostensibly further from TBD, driving a new way, YHC got there in plenty of time for the 5:30 a.m. start…and then no one else was there.  Waited a few minutes…was it something YHC said on slack?  […]

Enjoying some Peanuts at the Field of Dreams

Covid-19 and the Corona virus have come back to become a front of mind concern – again locally as it continues spread amongst some of our PAX as well as nationally as it rips through our White House and  our Nation’s Executive Branch. T-Claps to Cosmo, who was originally signed up to lead this Q.  […]

Steel – A Most Valuable Asset

The rain paused and left a humid morning that was just right for 7 PAX to knock out a 5K EC and 19 to tackle YHC’s main event party featuring nothing but steel.  The mix of PAX was just right from 5 year veterans to rookies 1 month in.  All showing up to get better. […]


  When the mid-week message was posted that the Q was open YHC jumped on it to close out the bookend Q for the week.  Kick off Q Monday at Devils Ridge and close out Friday Q at the gritty Falcon.  It doesn’t get much better. 6 mighty PAX knocked out MMEC and then 23 […]

Jedi Training: Ewok Jacks, Rey Runs, Saber Strikes and More…

YHC and Wakanda had a goal to watch every Star Wars movie this summer – and we did it! The day before school started, we finished Rise of Skywalker to cap off our force-filled break this past Tuesday. With that content top of mind, we decided to make Star Wars the theme for our upcoming […]

Billy Madison Goes Back to School

This week students, educators, and staff are heading back to school in a manner none could have predicted. This may be the most  bizarre start to a school year since 1995 when a childish and spoiled 27-year-old heir to a Fortune 500 company had to complete all 12 grades in two-week intervals to prove he […]

Good ol’ Merkin Monday

To YHC, Monday’s are critical transition days and it’s important to transition in the best and strongest way possible.  YHC believes in kicking the week of right.  In prepping for today’s Q the focus behind the planning was to come up with something that when announced would raise doubt of achieving but once under way […]

Burpees on the bumps

8 PAX assembled for some movement and work at Riverside High School.  YHC has not Q’ed in a while, so I was happy to take the helm.  Fun was had by all.   Warmup SSH x 37 as PAX assembled 5 penalty burpees b/c Shake It’s M parked in front of him WMH x 10 […]